CarGuard Administration: The Auto Insurance Company Focused On Its Customers

Scottsdale, Arizona, Dec. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the automotive industry, there is no shortage of auto warranty companies, services, and administrators. However, the sad truth is that only a handful of these companies look out for their customers. This trait has received a lot of bad press in recent times and, consequently, the auto warranty industry as a whole has earned a bad name. 

Part of the blame actually goes to the customers as well. When one visits a car dealership to make a purchase, the salesperson always tries their best to make the buyer invest in an extended auto warranty program from a company the dealership is affiliated with. Needless to say, the dealership stands to earn a portion of the profit from selling these vehicle contract policies. 

However, the customer who is buying the car has no obligation whatsoever to purchase an extended warranty from the dealership. Instead, all car-owners should take the time to shop around when it comes to buying extended auto warranties. It is important to look for factors like varieties in auto plans, customized plan options, easy payment options, additional benefits, and bonuses attached to plans.

However, the one key factor that all car owners should pay attention to is the relationship that the company in question maintains with their customers. A company earns its name and reputation once it establishes and maintains good relationships with its customers and acts transparently across all the various processes it performs. It is all too common for policyholders to face all sorts of unpleasantries (read delay in payment, arguments over coverage details, haggling) when the car eventually experiences a breakdown and when the warranty company must provide coverage. 

However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are auto warranty companies who guide all their operations following a customer- and client-centric approach. And it is not difficult to understand why in the long run, it is these very companies who become the most successful in the industry. Excellent customer service and retention is key to success for all businesses and the same applies to auto warranty services. So, as a customer, one should likewise pay the utmost mind to this factor to avoid any potential unpleasantries in the future and to reap maximum benefits from their auto policies. 

CarGuard Administration

CarGuard Administration is one of the few companies that enjoy consistent positive reviews from their customers. The company administers auto warranties, which means they have partner auto warranty companies as well as their own direct customers. The customer-centric approach of CarGuard is amply illustrated by the fact that unlike most administrators, the claim adjudicators of the company will talk not only to their own direct customers but also to customers of their partner/client companies whenever the policyholders come up with a claim. So, it is not like the company believes that their responsibility to their clients (other auto warranty services) is fulfilled once they sell a contract. Quite the contrary, CarGuard will actually interface with the customers of their parent company through every step of the process once a claim is made. Even in cases where the company is forced to deny a claim, it will take the time to clarify the matter adequately enough to the customer so that no cause for resentment is borne from the interaction. 

CarGuard Administration can only do so since they have full confidence in their partners and sell contracts only from companies with a reputable track record. It also merits mention that all CarGuard contracts are fully insured through a CLIP (Contractual Liability Insurance Policy). This means that even if something were to happen to the company, the policies sold through CarGuard will never go void.


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