Salient Energy Graduates from Shell’s GameChanger Program

Through extensive research and testing, Salient Energy has further validated its zinc-ion battery as a replacement for lithium-ion batteries in stationary energy storage

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Salient Energy, a local company developing zinc-ion batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, today announced its completion of the Shell GameChanger program, which is dedicated to helping businesses around the world transform their early-stage technologies into reality.

Salient Energy was selected by Shell GameChanger as a beneficiary of funding and support, with the overall objective of demonstrating that its zinc-ion battery can meet critical performance targets to compete against lithium-ion batteries for stationary energy storage. Salient Energy’s work was divided into three project phases: identifying materials to improve electrode capacity; developing high-energy positive electrodes based on the selected materials; and demonstrating the potentially long battery life involving thousands of charge/discharge cycles.

Rechargeable batteries are critical for the global transition to renewable energy, since they can store electricity in times of excess generation for later consumption. While lithium-ion batteries are currently used for this application, the scale and speed at which these batteries need to be brought to market is expected to strain their supply chains, most of which originate overseas. National governments have indicated their strong preference for a domestic supply chain when procuring critical electrical infrastructure.

Salient Energy’s zinc-ion batteries not only ease the supply-chain concerns but also offer enhanced safety compared with lithium-ion batteries. They employ a water-based electrolyte and materials that are abundant around the globe. Through the GameChanger project, the company has now demonstrated that its battery could meet key performance targets to compete commercially against lithium-ion batteries in stationary energy-storage applications.

“I’m excited to see that the GameChanger project has helped validate Salient Energy’s zinc-ion battery as a potentially viable alternative that meets the performance requirements for the electric utility industry,” said Catherine Smura from Shell GameChanger. “These are significant steppingstones for Salient that will bring the company closer to achieving its goal of providing safe, scalable and effective zinc-ion battery solutions. We look forward to seeing what the company will accomplish going forward.”

“The feedback and support we’ve received from Shell GameChanger have been very helpful as we continue to advance our technology through the critical steps to commercialization. They enabled us to showcase Salient Energy’s value proposition to decision makers in our industry,” said Ryan Brown, CEO and co-founder of Salient Energy. “Our team works tirelessly to prove that our zinc-ion battery is capable of outshining and replacing the lithium-ion battery. The future of energy storage across all applications depends on innovations in battery chemistry to create a safer, lower-cost alternative. Our novel battery does just that.”

Salient Energy is a producer of zinc-ion batteries for applications in the electrical grid. The company’s proprietary cathode materials store energy in zinc in a way that has never been commercialized before allowing the batteries to have a high energy density and to use traditional battery designs that are compatible with standard manufacturing equipment. Salient Energy’s zinc-ion batteries are cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting than anything else on the market.

Founded in 1996, the Shell GameChanger program works with businesses on unproven early-stage ideas with the potential to impact the future of energy. It provides start-ups with support, expertise and seed funding, but gives them independence to make their own decisions.

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