5 Things You Should Know About Moving to Casper, Wyoming

Casper, Wyoming, Dec. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When you think of Wyoming, a few words likely come to mind. Vast, open and wild. And while those attributes have been a key part of what makes the Cowboy State what it is, there are many other elements that make Wyoming—and particularly Casper—an emerging destination to relocate.

And while Casper may be Wyoming’s second-largest city, there’s plenty of reasons to move to the state’s original mountain town. 

1. A Mix of Big and Small. Folks who relocate to Casper tend to look at it as a mountain community, with a charming small-town vibe. It seems to seamlessly combine the types of amenities you’d find in big cities—like world-class history and museums, 193 restaurants, an open-enrollment school district and three language-immersion schools—with wide-open spaces.

2. More Money in Your Pocket. In Casper, affordability—and the ability to take more money home—is key. With no state income tax, a low state sales tax and the ninth lowest real estate property taxes in the country, Casper residents take home more money at the end of the day.

3. Giving Community. In 2016, Casper was named the most charitable city in the country. And while that accolade was given four years ago, Casper continues to be a place that loves, cares and gives for the greater good of the community. Many projects have been completed in Casper due to charitable giving, including David Street Station, which is now the anchor of downtown.

4. Accessible Healthcare. While Casper is in the wilds of Wyoming, the city has the top healthcare in the state, including more than 65 family medicine doctors, 11 pediatricians and a nationally recognized pulmonary department at Wyoming Medical Center. Plus, they have adjusted their services due to COVID-19 and now offer virtual appointments and daily screening for respiratory symptoms.

5. Places to Play. Located in Natrona County, Casper is a  major outdoor hub. Whether you’re into mountain biking, running, fishing, snowmobiling or climbing, Casper offers a little something for everyone. With 5,500 square miles of beauty that are home to 53 parks, 90 miles of trails, 30 playgrounds, four dog parks, Fremont Canyon and the blue-ribbon waters of the North Platte River, you’re sure to find plenty of space, with room to play. The City of Casper also has premier facilities, including Hogan Basin Ski Area on Casper Mountain, the Casper Recreation Center—which has indoor aquatic center with two huge waterslides, an ice arena, weight rooms, a gym and a variety of classes for all ages—the Casper Municipal Golf Course and Fort Caspar, which continues to serve as an important part of Casper’s history.

To learn more about relocating to Casper, visit ChooseCPR.com. For more information about traveling responsibly and visiting Wyoming, check out VisitCasper.com.

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Casper, Wyoming, sits at the base of Casper Mountain while the North Platte River runs through the heart of town. With trails, parks, city facilities and a high quality of life, Casper is an emerging destination to relocate. Located 15 minutes from downtown, Casper Mountain reaches over 8,000 feet in elevation. Its trail system is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and snowmobiling.

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