DS Smith drives real-time visibility adoption across North America with Transporeon and Sixfold

The partnership gives DS Smith the ability to manage all aspects of its regional transportation networks through one central control tower platform

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa., Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DS Smith, a leading paper, packaging and recycling company with North American headquarters in Atlanta, moves ahead with its implementation of the next generation of supply chain technology by extending real-time visibility to its North American operations. In partnership with Transporeon, the leading global cloud platform for smart transportation management, and the Sixfold real-time visibility platform, DS Smith will continue to drive performance, data analysis, improved customer support and tackle the challenge of empty miles in vehicle movements across the United States.

Real-time visibility is another step in supporting the company’s vision of being the leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions worldwide. The partnership will enable DS Smith to provide estimated time of arrival information and delivery updates to its customers, while also aiding in the identification of delay risks, detention management and key performance indicators that will be used to fuel ongoing performance analysis. As part of a global initiative to deliver integrated logistics as a standard, DS Smith capitalizes on the Transporeon connectivity platform as the backbone of a centralized control tower solution, integrating information from all relevant sources, including the company’s ERP system, rate data from the Transporeon sourcing platform, Sixfold shipment tracking and transport order management data from Transporeon Shipment Execution.

Aaron Clark, Interim Head of Procurement – NAPP at DS Smith, spoke about the anticipated benefits of the control tower solution in the “Logistics Process Excellence through Digitalization” educational session at CSCMP Edge 2020, saying that the ultimate goal will be the ability to respond quickly to market conditions and create additional opportunities for efficiencies in order to build a more resilient global transportation network.

“The data enables us to take everything to the next level that otherwise wouldn’t be possible—looking at our entire supply chain rather than just one site at a time,” says Clark. “We can now leverage Big Data from our Sixfold implementation to enable uniform, global visibility. Transporeon provides the data intelligence we need to be able to do that.”

Real-time visibility provided through Sixfold is just one offering in the Transporeon predictive transport assignment portfolio, created to enable truly digitized, smart and optimized supply chains across the world.

About DS Smith:

DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging, supported by recycling and papermaking operations. Headquartered in London and a member of the FTSE 100, DS Smith focuses on creating innovative sustainable packaging solutions in 34 countries employing around 30,000 people. Using the combined expertise of its divisions – Packaging, Recycling and Paper – DS Smith works with customers to deliver solutions that reduce complexity and deliver results throughout the supply chain. Its history can be traced back to the box-making businesses started in the 1940s by the Smith family.

About Transporeon

Transporeon boosts logistics performance and profitability with every freight load. Founded in Germany in 2000, Transporeon connects a worldwide network of more than 1,200 industrial shippers and retailers with over 100,000 logistics service providers in 100+ countries in real time. Its security-certified platforms offer digital solutions for freight benchmarking and sourcing, freight assignment and shipment execution, time slot management, shipment tracking, and end-to-end supply chain visibility. By leveraging the latest capabilities, including artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Transporeon solutions cut CO2 emissions, empty runs and truck waiting times while digitizing manual processes. Transporeon is located across Europe, Russia, Asia and the US.

About Sixfold

Sixfold is Europe’s leading real-time transportation visibility platform, solving supply chain visibility challenges for the world's biggest companies, shippers and carriers. Our mission is to provide transparency into areas of the b2b supply chain previously unseen and untracked, enabling businesses to cut costs and make more informed decisions. Sixfold's platform, powered by AI, integrates with transport management systems, truck telematics and mapping data to proactively predict transportation delays, drive sustainability and deliver valuable business intelligence.

Krishna Gilligan