StrikeForce Unveils SafeVchat Delivering First Fully Secure Video Conferencing Platform

Built by US Cybersecurity Experts, New Service Safeguards Against Data & Privacy Vulnerabilities in all Existing Video Conferencing Platforms

Edison, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

EDISON, N.J., Dec. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: SFOR), a U.S. based company, today announced the controlled rollout of SafeVchat™, the first video conferencing platform developed by a cybersecurity company and built with security and privacy as the leading priority. SafeVchat leverages StrikeForce’s patented out-of-band authentication and keystroke protection technology, making it the only platform of its kind that incorporates a proprietary meeting authorization and 2FA for every meeting participant. Additionally, SafeVchat Premium includes protection for your camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and prevents unwanted screenshots with PrivacyLok™.

“As millions began a rapid transition to remote work, video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting and others have become ubiquitous to everyday life,” said Mark L. Kay, CEO, StrikeForce. “Each time a video link is opened, any number of cyber breaches become possible. Ours is the first video conferencing platform with cyber-DNA built into the architecture of the service. And our protection extends to the participating computer, an easy point of entry for cyber criminals. In the last seven months, we’ve added more cyber security features than every other big-name competitor, and most of them have been in business ten years or more. In the last 10 days over 300 hundred companies, including Fortune 500 & 1000 companies across the U.S., EMEA and APAC have contacted us saying that they are looking for more safe and secure video conferencing solutions.”

Security vulnerabilities are a multi-tiered danger with video conferencing platforms. Hackers can easily bypass anti-virus software and implant malware to exploit your computer, or, the desktop client software that most video conferencing platforms use. Once that malware is downloaded, it can grab your video, microphone and audio streams, as well as keylog your keyboard, clipboard and take unwanted screenshots. Remote employees are especially at risk with generally only light security on their home networks exposing them to critical vulnerabilities. Unintended cyber guests may be present without anyone on the platform knowing of their existence. In fact, the FBI released a warning to schools and businesses advising them about the potential dangers of cyber attacks during video sessions.

“One of the biggest benefits of using SafeVchat’s Premium version is that it will also protect your computer even when you are using any other video conferencing systems, i.e. Zoom, Webex, Teams, BlueJeans and others. When we designed our security protection we knew that there will be times that you will be invited to attend other people’s video conferences. With SafeVchat on your computer you will have the same desktop protection as you do with SafeVchat. While some people are calling SafeVchat the next Zoom Killer. We would rather say that we are the next Video Conferencing savior,” says Kay.

“As a global provider of cybersecurity solutions, Cybersecurity Risk Solutions has seen a massive demand for secure video conferencing solutions from compliant and heavily regulated industries like healthcare, education, legal and financial, and corporate enterprise,” said Will Lynch, President and CEO, Cybersecurity Risk Solutions. “This is cutting-edge privacy & data protection technology for video conferencing, and if your company conducts online meetings to discuss sensitive information like strategy, M&A, financials, and intellectual property, you can feel confident that they will take place with the utmost security. I predict the five-layer meeting security, which serves as the foundation for SafeVchat, will become the new minimum acceptable risk standard for video conferencing.”

“What’s most impressive about SafeVchat is the fact that it was built by a cybersecurity company, not a teleconferencing company,” added Philip Gow, Managing Director, Aurora Information Management. “SafeVChat’s meeting authentication processes and endpoint protection makes the platform’s level of security unparalleled by other platforms which have proven to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.”

To provide users with the most secure video conferencing experience possible, SafeVchat’s features offer five-layered meeting security:

  • Meeting Authentication - Every participant is authenticated by Secure multi-factor authentication, and must be listed as a guest by the meeting host
  • Endpoint Protection - StrikeForce’s patented technology protects your camera, microphone, audio-out speakers, keyboard & clipboard from unwanted eavesdroppers & hackers with malicious intent
  • Clientless - SafeVchat is desktop free and completely browser-based, which means hackers do not have an extra client they can leech onto and cause havoc
  • Cloud-based or On-Premise - SafeVchat is deployed through StrikeForc’s cloud service, or, customers can also opt to install the SafeVchat platform on-premise or in their own Private Virtual Cloud
  • Detailed Reporting Logs and Analytics - SafeVchat’s auditing tools result in more efficient, productive and profitable business, all while storing no personal data or recordings

A mobile version of SafeVchat has been submitted to the Apple and Google Play stores for review, and will be available soon.

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