Psychic reading guidance is bigger than ever as Kasamba reaches 21 successful years

NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For over two decades, Kasamba has been dedicated to helping people find purpose, find love, build relationships, and enhance their lives in so many meaningful ways. This year, Kasamba is delighted to be celebrating 21 successful years, looking back on all we have accomplished, as well as looking forward to the next 21 years of psychic readings.

Many would assume that Kasamba is just an online psychic reading site. But when you dive deeper into it, you soon realize that there are so many different components, each integral to helping the lives of Kasamba customers. Our psychic's spiritual expertise includes Astrology readings, tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, relationship guidance, and career advice. For over 21 years, Kasamba customers have trusted our advisors with providing insights they may not have foreseen and guidance that could transform their current trajectory in the best possible way. For 21 years, we have found pride in our private and secure readings, guaranteeing a safe space for our advisors and customers, enabling them to get the answers to their most burning questions, available at round the clock hours.

Our customers are our number one priority. Kasamba’s approach to easing in potential customers is part of the reason that they choose to proceed with readings and develop close relationships with our advisors. The introductory free 3 minutes for psychic readings allow the customer to trial the service, choosing a psychic to shed some light on their personal situation and, thereafter deciding whether to continue with future paid readings. There is no pressure or influence on the customer which often results in a long-term commitment with the customer having been impressed by the psychic insights provided.

Many of our customers have noted their excellent first impressions with one user, Bianca S commenting that although she was skeptical at first, she “Learned more about the subject and realized that they were spot on. They helped me get through a difficult time in my love situation. It is very personalized and pinpoints exactly what the issue is.” Another user named Lindsay expressed that her online psychic “Was quick and to the point. She also had the compassion I was needing. It felt like I was talking to a friend but with the insight to my issue and not just an opinion.” It is clear to see why Kasamba users keep coming back to their trusted online psychic service. The personal and intimate nature of our psychics allows the user to feel comfortable and as if they are speaking with someone they know, without any judgment or personal agenda, enabling them to make informed and unbiased decisions.

The strong connections between our psychics and customers are something that has grown over time, with many psychics assuming the role of confidant in their lives and no big decision is made without consulting them. Our psychic readings are able to give customers the guidance and clarity they need in any situation, giving them an alternate perspective and glimpses into the future that can alter their life path for the better. Kasamba customer Jenna Ashley noted the intuitive nature of her online psychic and explained “In my last reading, the psychic was beautifully aware of the situation at hand and did his best to give his courageous, bold insight. He saw right through it on my end as well as the other person involved. He was incredibly clear, powerful and precise in his knowledge and accuracy of things I didn't tell him. It truly blew my mind to hear his perspective on it.”

After our customers are exposed to the wisdom of the psychics, they are truly stunned by the revelations and explanations conjured up by their chosen advisor. However, it is not just one psychic that is available to our customers. Kasamba boasts an extensive portfolio of highly gifted psychics, each specializing in different areas, adding value and meaning to the customer's lives. While some of our psychics have been with us from the outset, new, younger psychics have come on board in recent years and understand more modern-day issues, allowing users to experience many different perspectives and advisors who grew up in different generations. There is truly something for everyone.

Despite being a psychic reading service, Kasamba psychics are here to enhance your life, not dictate it. While other services may tell you what their crystal ball sees and how you should follow it, our advisors are here to be the guidance you seek in your life. They believe in the concept of free will and the user’s right to make their own decisions and live life however they please. This, in turn, empowers the user to reap the benefits from a reading in their own unique way; the more they let the psychic in and welcome the guidance, the more they will gain.

The benefits of psychic readings with Kasamba are endless. Our customers turn to Kasamba for insights and clarity for a plethora of reasons. While some users are in tumultuous relationships and looking for advice on approaching the situation and what they should do for their future, others are looking to find the one and ask their advisor when they will come and how to prepare for it. After taking this advice on board, users have gained the courage to start a new relationship or make the difficult decision to end the relationship under the guidance and insights from their psychic reading. 

Gaining career advice is also a frequent topic, with many users amassing stress about their current position or profession. Others have asked if they should take a risk and venture into a new opportunity that they never once considered or didn’t possess the courage to take on. Our advisors have been able to assume the role as their helping hand and guiding light, ensuring that their stress is alleviated and there is no instability while navigating the road ahead. 

At present, life can be lonely for many people. It has been difficult to decipher what the next few months will bring and being separated from family and friends has made it an even greater challenge. This is why now, more than ever, our customers have relied on psychic readings to give them hope for the future and the strength to keep going. For 21 years, Kasamba customers have been able to express their feelings, concerns, and deepest desires to psychics who not only understand what they are going through but also who can point them in the right direction for their future. We look forward to the next 21 years as our psychics give our loyal customers the guidance and support they need.

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