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Nutrisystem is a customized meal delivery service that helps users achieve their target weight goals by controlling what and how much they eat. It offers various programs catering to the needs of different types of customers such as men, women, diabetics, and vegetarians. The meals offered as a part of this program mostly contain lean protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Additionally, the Nutrisystem diet plan also encourages its users to consume more low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables to keep the body up and running.

Losing pounds is a challenging task for the majority of the people out there, mostly because it requires a lot of effort and no one really wants to spend hours planning and preparing their daily diet menu. As a result, many give up halfway during their journey simply because they are unable to invest time in it. However, with Nutrisystem, such individuals can now restart their weight loss journey without having to worry about counting calories and cooking meals.

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Does Nutrisystem really work? What meal plans does it offer and how can it help with weight loss? Keep reading this in-depth Nutrisystem review to find out.

Nutrisystem Review: What is Nutrisystem About?

Nutrisystem is a comprehensive weight loss program created by Harold Katz during the 1970s after watching his own mother struggling with weight loss. This program identifies a lack of time and effort to plan and prepare daily diet meals as the potential reason why most people fail to achieve their target weight loss. Hence, it includes providing its customers with premade meals and snacks delivered to their doors to help them on their weight loss journey.

Today, the plan has grown to include several other options such as counseling services, weight loss applications, and exercise guidance. The All-New Nutrisystem provides various programs that cater to the needs of all types of customers looking forward to losing weight including diabetics, men, women, and vegetarians. 

What is Nutrisystem Based On?

According to the details mentioned on, the program focuses on three fundamental aspects:

Portion Control

Eating large portions of meals is not advised to people wishing to lose weight as this practice only increases their daily calorie intake and also forces them to eat more than their body requires. This is why most nutritionists recommend using smaller cups, plates, and bowls during meals. Nutrisystem acknowledges this and helps the users achieve better control of their daily calories and the amount of food they eat per meal by providing them pre-made food to their doorstep.

Frequent Meals

A common mistake made by most people trying to shed pounds is starving themselves to the point that their stomachs growl and hunger pangs set in. These hunger pangs are extremely dangerous as they often lead to unhealthy binging. To avoid succumbing to hunger pangs and the consequent overeating that follows, the All-New Nutrisystem weight loss plans offers multiple small-sized meals to eat every few hours throughout the day so the body never feels hungry enough to overeat later.

Balanced Nutrition

There are hardly any people who consider balancing out their diet while trying to lose weight. This often causes malnutrition and even rebound weight gain in some people. To avoid these potential problems, Nutrisystem aims to offer meals with a mix of all the required nutrients and minerals to keep the body energetic and healthy.

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How Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

The All-New Nutrisystem offers several programs to cater to the different needs and budgets of people. The program includes separate dietary approaches for men, women, diabetics, and vegetarians. A typical program provides customers with three meals and up to two snacks.

There are three diet plan levels, each with different choices of food. These plans include:

  • Basic
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate

The users subscribe to any of these plans depending on their needs. The company then starts providing them portion-controlled pre-made meals to make sure they are following a healthy, nutritious, and calorie-controlled diet. Besides the meals, users are also granted various online tools as well as a mobile application to address their concerns and help them further in case of any misunderstanding.

Within each Nutrisystem meal plan, users are given two choices: they can either choose which meals to receive on their own or rely on the chef’s choice. The company also personalizes meal choices depending on the food preferences, weight loss goals, and the body type of every user.

There are slight differences in each plan. For example, all the meals in the Basic package are shelf-stable; however, the higher packages such as Uniquely Yours also provide frozen items to cook later. The more expensive the plan is, the wider the food menu gets.

During the first week of the Nutrisystem diet plan, the aim is to reboot the body. For this purpose, the meal plan is usually more restrictive during the first seven days as compared to the following weeks, and the users are mostly instructed to rely on the brand’s own shakes and food.

After the first week, users are given an option to include two flex meals with the help of ingredients that they purchase. For grocery shopping, proper guides are provided by the company to make sure users only buy the foods compliant with the programs. Nutrisystem meals also come with a specific guideline regarding which menu items to rely on and which to avoid if users choose to dine out.

Once the users subscribe to the Nutrisystem, the company starts delivering food to their door. An option of auto-delivery is also available which allows users to pay for and receive meal orders every month until they cancel their subscription.

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Nutrisystem for Men Reviews

For men looking forward to achieving an ideal body weight, the Nutrisystem for men program offers a specialized package designed to maximize fat shedding while catering to all special needs of this particular gender. Research has proven that men usually have higher calorie needs as compared to women, and it is important to meet those needs even during the weight loss journey.

To make sure men restrict their calorie needs without dragging their bodies towards malnutrition, Nutrisystem For Men has a special men’s package. Under this package, six small meals are provided to the subscribers in addition to snacks and desserts.

All the foods included in Nutrisystem are specially designed to be low in fat and calories and high in protein and fiber. Relying on these foods can help men lose weight while maintaining optimal health and without spending hours tracking their daily calorie or food intake.

As a part of Nutrisystem for men, users will receive a slightly higher quantity of food every day as compared to other programs. This is to address the unique energy requirements of this particular gender while maximizing weight loss. The meals included in the plan do not contain any sweeteners or additives, as per the company.

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Nutrisystem for men can be broken down into two main categories, each with its own plans according to individual needs and budget.

1. Nutrisystem for Men: Standard Plans

Men can choose any of the following three plans according to their needs and the amount of money they are willing to invest:

  • Basic Plan

Priced at around $10, this is the simplest version of this diet plan. It includes breakfasts, lunches, and dinners 5 days a week. Additionally, users also receive 10 snacks, two per day. The company provides a menu with around 100 meals to choose from.

  • Uniquely Yours

Just like the Basic plan, this plan also delivers five breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in addition to 10 snacks per week. The menu selection includes up to 150 dishes to choose from.

  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate

Being the most advanced and expensive plan, it provides breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for 7 days in addition to daily snacks. Users have an option to choose their daily meals from a menu comprising more than 160 food items.

2. Nutrisystem for Men: Specialized Plans

For men with any specialized needs, for example, vegetarians or those suffering from diabetes type 2, Nutrisystem offers its specialized plans to tailor to their needs.

  • Vegetarian Plan

This plan starts at $12 and delivers three meals and two snacks per day for 5 days a week.

  • Basic Diabetes Plan

Beginning at $10, this plan includes 100 different meals well-suited to the patients of diabetes and the users can select five options for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for five days a week. The meals contain carbs of the low-glycemic index and lots of fruit and vegetables to continue a healthy lifestyle.

  • Uniquely Yours Diabetes Plan

Similar to the Uniquely Yours Standard Plan, this Nutrisystem weight loss plan has a menu containing 150 meals specially designed for patients with diabetes.

  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes Plan

This plan provides diabetics with three meals and two snacks seven days a week. The users have access to over 160 menu options that can help them maximize weight loss without disturbing their blood sugar levels.

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Benefits of Nutrisystem For Men

There are several reasons why you may consider trying Nutrisystem for men. Some of these reasons are mentioned below.

  • Specialized

Unlike other diet plans, Nutrisystem for men does not blindly cut off calories from the diet plan. Instead, it is specialized according to every person individually according to their body type, target weight, and food preferences.

  • Easy to Follow

The Nutrisystem program includes prepackaged foods delivered to the doorstep. It is easier to follow and comply with because it does not require the users to plan and prepare meals by themselves.

  • Rapid Weight Loss

By following this nutrition plan, users may be able to use up to 18 pounds during the first month. The results can; however, vary from person to person.

  • Affordable

Nutrisystem for men is extremely affordable and easy on the pocket with packages as low as $10 per day.

  • Nutritionally Balanced Food

Contrary to most diet plans, Nutrisystem weight loss plans help users follow a calorie-controlled dietary approach that does not compromise on essential nutrients and minerals. All the meals offered by the company have high amounts of protein and fiber that keep them fuller for a long time and boost their health.

  • Delicious Food

Most weight loss programs in the market force the men to restrict most of their favorite meals and eat dull, bland food. As a result, most people drop out of these programs within days. Nutrisystem weight loss program is different as it aims to help users lose weight while providing them with delicious meals, including pizzas, pasta, and burgers.

  • Higher Flexibility

Nutrisystem offers men a few flex meals every week which means that they can either dine out at their favorite restaurants or make healthy meals according to their own taste and preference. Special guidelines are provided as a part of this plan to direct users about what to order while dining out or how to prepare healthy, delicious meals at home.

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Nutrisystem For Women Reviews

Nutrisystem for women is a specialized program to help women lose weight without compromising on their health and favorite foods. The company behind Nutrisystem believes that women usually tend to struggle more than men when it comes to weight loss. To cover this difference, the makers have come up with a specialized plan for women to maximize their fat loss struggles.

Just like its counterpart for males, Nutrisystem for women also comprise of three standard plans.

1. Basic Plan

This is the simplest and the cheapest plan offered by the company to women struggling with weight-related issues. Beginning at $8.57, the users are provided with three meals and one snack per day for 5 days a week. The menu is limited to 100 different food options.

2. Uniquely Yours Plan

The plan begins at $10.36 per day and includes a 4-week menu with three meals and one snack per week, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. The menu is more detailed with up to 150 dishes to choose from. 

3. Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plan

This fool-proof plan is the most expensive variant that allows users to create their own meal plans from over 160 different food options. The plan includes three meals and a snack delivered to the door on weekdays as well as the weekends.

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How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost? Nutrisystem Price Estimate

The exact Nutrisystem cost varies according to the type of plan and menu options that users opt for. For men, the pricing is slightly higher because it contains extra food to meet the higher calorie requirement in males.

Normally, the cost for Nutrisystem for men is around $10 to $14 per day. For females, the program can be subscribed to for as low as $8.5 and keeps increasing with more advanced diet plans and food options.

The overall Nutrisystem cost can be around $250 to $350 per month excluding the additional costs for fresh grocery items like fruit, dairy, and vegetables.

Nutrisystem Partner Plan: What Is It About?

For people sharing the same roof and wishing to lose weight together, Nutrisystem offers its Partner Plan to make their journeys easier. As a part of this plan, the users will receive a single shipment in one package with meals lasting for two weeks.

This plan works perfectly for couples, roommates, and individuals over 18 years sharing the same residence.

Following are the key features of the Nutrisystem Partner Plan:

  • Meals for Two For Two Weeks

Both partners will receive top-rate Nutrisystem meals and snacks, both frozen and non-frozen, for five days a week. This program also includes fresh grocery items and flex meals to provide more flexibility to the users.

  • Diverse Menu Variety

With more than 150 meals to choose from, both members can enjoy their favorite meals and snacks while maximizing weight loss.

  • Free Weight Loss App

Nutrisystem Partner Plan also comes with a free mobile application that includes exciting weight loss challenges, delicious recipes, expert tips, and exclusive discounts for both partners.

  • Unlimited Support

The package includes free counseling sessions and tips from acknowledged dietitians and weight loss counselors via phone or online throughout the week.

  • Free Shipping

The company also provides free shipping to all the customers within the U.S.

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Nutrisystem Menu

The Nutrisystem menu comprises of some exciting meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, it also offers snacks and shakes to curb hunger pangs and keep the body in a good state of nutrition.


Some examples of meals available for breakfast include blueberry muffin, cinnamon raisin baked bar, honey wheat bagel, granola cereal, and biscotti bites.


The Nutrisystem program offers an extensive lunch menu including meals like tuna salads, chicken noodle soup, mac and cheese with white cheddar, fudge graham bar, and trail mix bar among several other options.


The most common dinner options include hickory smoke-flavored beef patty, chili with beans, chicken with barbeque beans, lasagna with meat sauce, and beef stew.

Snacks and Desserts

For munching between meals, Nutrisystem offers several snack and dessert options with restricted calories and delicious tastes. Some examples of this category include snickerdoodle cookies, cheese puffs, sweet and slack snack mix, coconut almond bar, pretzels, and more.

  • Nutrisystem Shakes

Nutrisystem shakes, also known as Nutrisystem turbo shakes are delicious probiotic-packed shakes available in different flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. These shakes can help reduce belly bloat and aid in reaching the targeted body weight. They contain over 22 minerals and vitamins, 5 g of fiber, and around 15 grams of high-quality protein to repair muscles, preserve muscle mass, and keep the body healthy while accelerating weight loss.

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Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig, which one is better?

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig both target healthy weight loss through pre-made meals delivered to the doorstep. However, compared to Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem has several advantages, for example:

1. Nutrisystem menu contains over 150 meals as compared to 80 meals in the Jenny Craig plan.

2. It offers customized vegetarian and diabetic meal plans to the customers which are not available in Jenny Craig plan

3. It has multiple snack choices.

4. It’s food is better tasting and more palatable

5. It is more affordable and comes with no shipping fee whereas Jenny Craig is more expensive with additional charges such as a shipping fee of $130, and a membership fee of $50.

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Nutrisystem Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to Buy Nutrisystem For The Best Price?

Nutrisystem is easily available online on its official website - You can browse through different plans and choose the most convenient one according to your personal preferences. The company is also offering amazing discounts and deals if you place an order through their official website. Consumers can take advantage of the ongoing Nutrisystem coupons for great savings.

  • How to Cancel Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem subscription can be easily canceled by following a stepwise approach. To cancel this program, you need to call their toll-free helpline at 877-338-8446 and provide the representative with their name and membership number. The representative will then provide you with a confirmation cancellation number after processing the request. This number can be used to sort out any billing inquiries or problems post-cancellation. In case you have received your first shipment, you can ship back the delivered food to the company’s official address and get your money back.

  • What is Nutrisystem ala carte?

In addition to purchasing entire meal plans, customers can also shop from the Nutrisystem ala carte menu where they can buy their favorite food items separately. A wide range of food items is present in this menu, including multiple chicken, beef, and pork dishes, a variety of snacks, and various breakfast options.

  • Is Nutrisystem Available at Walmart?

Yes, Nutrisystem meals are available at Walmart. However, most of these retail stores only have the basic starter kits that can help initiate your weight loss journey, but for long-term use, you will have to contact the official website.

  • Is Nutrisystem Available at Costco?

Yes, different Nutrisystem meals and basic starter kits are available for purchase at Costco. Additionally, you can also buy Nutrisystem gift cards at discounted prices to start your weight loss efforts.

Nutrisystem Reviews 2021: The Final Verdict

All in all, Nutrisystem is a comprehensive meal plan for people wishing to lose weight but have no time to plan and prepare healthy meals for it. With pre-made meals delivered directly to your doorstep, online counseling, multiple delicious snacks and desserts, and different affordable plans to choose from, Nutrisystem can be the new ray of hope for those who have given up on their dream of getting an ideal physique.

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