New Religious Fiction Novel ‘The Chronicles of Assignments: Principalities’ Presents Thrilling Adventure in Spiritual Warfare

Author R. W. Touchton has released his debut novel of good verses evil as he shares the riveting story of angel protectors battling to save their human ‘assignments’ from the demons threatening to destroy their souls

WINDER, Ga., Jan. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “The Chronicles of Assignments: Principalities” by R. W. Touchton introduces readers, both familiar and unfamiliar with the Bible, to an exhilarating adventure in spiritual warfare to provide them with a peek into the spiritual world through entertaining storytelling. The novel follows the life of protagonist Terrence Palmer, a world-renowned Evangelist, who with the help of his guardian angel, goes into the spiritual realm to battle the demon Leviathan and the spiritual wickedness that hovers over his family and church.

During Terrence’s birth, readers meet the Angel Jedon who is watching over his new ‘assignment.’ The guardian angel is aware of the demonic forces also assigned to his mortal as the enemy learns the child is destined for greatness and determined to distract Terrence from his destiny. The boy’s dysfunctional family already makes for a mire of evil for the wicked demons to perform their feats. As Terrence grows up into an adult with the guiding light of his angel, he begins to study the Bible ultimately giving his life to Christ and enrolling in a Spirit-filled Bible college. It is during this time he realizes his calling is Evangelizing and along with his Angel Jedon, battles against powerful demons attempting to destroy Terrence’s friend’s church.

“Touchton tells the story of mysterious and malevolent forces waging spiritual war in celestial and infernal realms…He envisions angels as loving protectors of their human ‘assignments,’ but bound by God’s plan for salvation. The angels emerge in Touchton’s telling as disciplined, almost ‘professional’ warriors, strictly unwilling to override the free will of those they protect no matter how much they love them. Touchton’s demons, on the other hand, present a fascinating combination of the grotesque and the farcical, and there is theological wisdom in this depiction.”  – Review by Actor, Allan Edwards

Inspired from his time working in different churches as a minister of music, Touchton noticed Satan and his demons had field days with the church members and based his fiction novel on them and the leaders of these churches. He hopes his story will help argue points of the Bible while providing “an edifying, startling, at times terrifying, but ultimately very moving evocation of what it was like to grow up seeking God in the last half of the 20th century.” (Allan Edwards review).

“The Chronicles of Assignments: Principalities (An Adventure in Spiritual Warfare)
By R. W. Touchton
ISBN: 978-1-400328796 (Paperback); 978-1-400328802 (Hardbound); 978-1-400328819 (eBook)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, FaithGateway and Church Source

About the Author
R. W. Touchton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In keeping with the unique pattern of his life, how and where he was born, and to whom, were intricate pieces of a fascinating story. Touchton’s story is a true testament to God’s faithfulness. Following Jacksonville University School of Music, his career would span television, nightclub entertainment, telecommunications, and theatre management with his favorite role as minister of music. Recently retired, Touchton completed his first book for publication and currently resides in Winder, Georgia. To learn more please visit, and follow “The Chronicles of Assignments: Principalities” on Facebook.

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