UK Doctor Develops ‘MAYA’ (Medical Advice You Access) to Encourage People to Evaluate Their Symptoms and Take Charge of Their Health

Author Dr. Kadiyali M. Srivatsa publishes ‘Dr MAYA: Protecting You Protecting Us From Infections and Illness’ to give the average readers information about what their symptoms mean, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

LONDON, Jan. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global outbreak of COVID-19 has sparked a lot of healthcare discussions as many people have avoided seeking medical care to ease the strain on practitioners and protect themselves from contracting the virus. In his informational guide, “Dr MAYA: Protecting You Protecting Us From Infections and Illness,” Dr. Kadiyali M. Srivatsa shares knowledge, experience and information about common illnesses to help users figure out if it is necessary for them to visit a doctor. He has updated his book and application to provide insight into the COVID-19 pandemic and assist them in deciphering if they should self-treat, consult a nurse, visit a doctor or go to the isolation hospital (to watch a video on this topic, please visit the Dr Maya YouTube page).  

Dr. Srivatsa, a retired physician with a special interest in the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, collected data, compiled a list of common symptoms and created “MAYA” (Medical Advice You Access) in 2003. In his experience, he has found that delay in diagnosis, wrong treatment, cross infections and antibiotic abuse led to devastating complications and death. Dr. Srivatsa’s mission is to assist the average citizen in identifying infections early and isolating themself at home to prevent spreading in their family, community and country.

“I wrote ‘Dr MAYA’ to share knowledge and information, empower people to self-diagnose and manage common illness at home, change the mindset of people and dismantle the culture of dependency on doctors,” said Dr. Srivatsa.

The average reader can use “Dr MAYA” as a go-to resource to motivate them to learn more about what is going on in their body and feel confident in determining what is happening within. In many ways, the book may prove to be a handy reference and a good first step for evaluating symptoms, especially to those who find the Internet, with its avalanche of detailed and often conflicting information, overwhelming.

“Dr MAYA: Protecting You Protecting Us From Infections and Illness” 

By Dr. Kadiyali M. Srivatsa    

ISBN: 978-1-5246-2971-7 (softcover); 978-1-5246-2969-4 (hardcover); 978-1-5246-2970-0 (e-book)

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About the author 

Author Dr. Kadiyali M. Srivatsa has trained physicians to clinically examine, diagnose and manage patients in acute and intensive care in hospitals for more than three decades and later worked as a family doctor in the United Kingdom. Dr. Srivatsa has published two books to share his knowledge and experience to help others differentiate common from serious illnesses, written numerous articles and invented devices to reduce infections in hospitals. He challenged healthcare providers and institutions for licensing non-medically trained professionals and allowing them to diagnose and prescribe drugs. He conducted observational studies, identified causes and developed methods and devices to reduce spreading MRSA infections–which have since mutated, verifying his prediction of pandemics. Currently, Dr. Srivatsa resides in London, UK and dedicates his time to inspire people to reduce the culture of dependency on doctors to diagnose them and manage the common illness on their own. For more, please visit Dr. Srivatsa’s website:

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“Dr MAYA: Protecting You Protecting Us From Infections and Illness” by Dr. Kadiyali M. Srivatsa

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