Finding Profit in Self-Worth: Mother Leaves Job to Follow Dreams and is Now Teaching Others to do the Same

“Meant for More: Turning Passion into Purpose & Designing the Life You Were Made For” by Stephanie Hendrick describes her journey to becoming a motivational speaker in new self-development guide

Peoria, AZ, Jan. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Women don’t need an entire roadmap to make a difference, serve others, and find fulfillment- they just need a willingness to start. “Meant for More: Turning Passion into Purpose & Designing the Life You Were Made For” by Stephanie Hendrick is an essential guide created for aspiring female entrepreneurs.


Hendrick built a thriving mortgage lending business with her husband, but when her daughter asked how she knew she made the right choice for her career, Hendrick asked herself the same question and determined she surrendered her dreams long ago in exchange for a sense of security. While her daughter quickly let the interrogation go, Hendrick held on, asking herself how she could instill in her children the sky is the limit to their dreams when she built a glass ceiling over her own. 


After a sermon highlighted purpose lies at the intersection of passion and talent, Hendrick made the leap of faith and started a blog. Her career has since led her to become a motivational speaker and writer, working to inspire others to pursue a purpose-driven vision of themselves they left behind when life happened. Bringing honesty, relatability, and hilarity to conversations about her marriage, motherhood, struggles with confidence, and the guilt associated with wanting to be more than Mom, “Meant for More” fuses the adversity women share as mothers with resources they can utilize to create a future they are proud of.


“If you feel as though you’ve settled, given up on the passion placed on your heart, or that it’s too late to change direction, you’re in good company. That nudge is normal, and it’s there to remind you that you’re meant for more,” Hendrick said. 


In the chaos and uncertainty prompted by COVID-19, many women have lost their jobs and livelihood. With families to provide for, Hendrick’s book helps women facing adversity turn the page on a new chapter filled with opportunities to generate a secure, reliable income without having to sell themselves short on their dreams.


“Meant for More: Turning Passion into Purpose & Designing the Life You Were Made For”

By Stephanie Hendrick 

ISBN: 9781664205260 (softcover); 9781664205253 (hardcover); 9781664205277 (electronic) 

Available at the WestBow Press Online BookstoreAmazon, and Barnes & Noble 


About the author

Stephanie Hendrick, a motivational speaker, and business strategist is the founder of Meant for More, a platform designed for today’s modern, ambitious woman navigating the messy middle of motherhood, marriage, business, and faith. Hendrick graduated from Arizona State University and lives in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband and two daughters. Get to know her at






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