The 10 Dating Experts & Coaches To Watch in 2021

New York, New York, Jan. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dating and relationships play an enormous part of all of our lives, and make up a huge part of the fabric of society. With the world of dating evolving so quickly, primarily due to the emergence of new dating apps and platforms just about every day, tackling the dating world can be overwhelming - to say the least.  Whether it be for a lack of confidence, lack of certainty or simply a lack of direction, there are countless people who just can’t seem to find their match. According to Boost Media Agency, if you want to take your dating and love life to the next level, you need the guidance of an expert.  Each with their own unique areas of expertise, here we present the 10 Dating Experts & Coaches to watch in 2021.

Cora Boyd (@thecoraboyd)

Cora Boyd is an entrepreneur and a professional dating and relationship coach, who focuses on helping millennials have a thriving and fulfilling love life. She worked for a Stanford StartX company and she conducted thousands of interviews in her role as a top-performing matchmaker. This is how she gained invaluable insight into modern dating and a deep understanding of why people find it more difficult to connect than ever before. 

Driven by a passion for helping other people find their love connection, she started her coaching business, which has now reached 6-figures and touched the lives of over 32,000 people. What Cora does is provide her clients with the confidence and skills they need to succeed in the dating world and truly meaningful relationships. 

She has worked with all kinds of people; from Ivy League professors, to celebrities and Silicon Valley executives who long for a healthy, loving relationship. Cora also started her podcast, Pillow Talk Radio, she has also contributed thought pieces to Thought Catalog, The Gottman Institute, and Tinder’s Swipe Life. Not to mention she has been featured in The Daily Beast, Bustle, Bumble, Elite Daily, and TV New Zealand. She has made a name for herself thanks to her popular 3-month program that walks men and women through a comprehensive romantic education that changes their lives forever. 

Jincy Kelly (@JincyKelly)

Jincy Kelly is a successful author and dating coach who helps men find love in the woman of their dreams. She makes it possible for people to find something that many times feel like it’s impossible to obtain in one’s lifetime. Jincy Kelly’s approach is focused on helping men transform all their past negative dating experiences so they can open their hearts to the woman of their dreams. 

Jincy Kelly is one of the people who believe love is one of the most powerful forces on earth. When men make the noble decision to pursue real love and embrace the vibrational frequency of their life and the world, amazing things can happen. This is where she comes in! Through her one-on-one coaching, her clients can break through their self-imposed limits and open themselves up to the power of love. 

Her coaching program on how to be successful in finding love has helped many men find happiness and settle down with the woman they’ve been dreaming of for so long. She also provides assistance with online dating, helping men set up their dating profiles so they can attract the right women. Jincy Kelly helps men unlock their inner power, which will lead to a life-long transformation. 

Hayley Quinn (@hayleyquinnx)

Hayley Quinn is an internationally recognised dating coach and founder of the UK’s largest dating coaching company. She has over 2 million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the biggest online dating platform in the world. She has been featured on BBC1, Sky and Channel 4 and is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the dating industry, her goal is to help inspire people to learn to love dating by making it fun, ethical and confidence boosting.

Hayley also aims to bridge the gap in how men and women perceive dating. She mainly offers two programs: Academy and Going Renegade. Academy is a 10-week dating training program for men who want to level up their confidence and find a high-quality girlfriend. It can be followed as a purely online course with accountability exercises, webinars and 24/7 ‘coach in your pocket’ or it can be taken as a 17+ hour immersion coaching weekend. Going Renegade focuses on helping clients stand out in dating apps and meet men, enjoy their single life, and be empowered. It is a hands-on practical bootcamp taught over a month of action-packed learning with workshops and 13-hour immersion coaching weekend. 

Joseph & Paris (@realblacklove)

With 10 years of experience in connecting African-American singles, the matchmaking couple of Joseph and Paris offer a unique approach to building successful black relationships. Residing in Charlotte, NC, the black matchmaking duo have helped thousands with interactive, real-life solutions to finding true love.

Driven by their mission to promote healthy, personal relationships and sustain the spirit and image of love in the black community, Joseph and Paris believe that more meaningful relationships between African-American men and women is the catalyst to a stronger community. Having met on RBL dating app an integral platform of the RealBlackLove movement, Joseph and Paris themselves are testament to its effectiveness for creating lasting relationships.  

As professional matchmakers, the couple have dedicated their life to the study of communication and interpersonal relationships that encourages people of color to connect authentically and effectively. The two have a deep understanding of dating within black culture. The matchmaking duo has a team of dating professionals that assist with a holistic compatibility approach in providing a dating strategy for each client - ranging from CEOs, Business Executives, to Professional Athletes, VIP Matchmaking assist dating black professionals in meeting all their relationship goals.

Joseph and Paris relish in their chosen path. as they have a direct influence in helping bridge the gap between the sexes and have made a profound impact in the lives of many from doing so.

Megan Weks - (@themanfunnel)

Creator of the successful "The Manfunnel® Method”, certified Relationship Coach Megan Weks is championing the cause of high achieving women who struggle with attracting a quality partner that meets their needs. Leveraging the experience gained in her high pressure sales job, Megan thought to translate her strategies into the dating sphere, doing away with the linear dating methods that left her feeling stuck in routine and out of time.

Megan's Manfunnel® Method implements a specifically defined framework of strategies that is more akin to learning a new language; including Excited Man Babble™, Oxytocin Cloud™, The Exploratory Phase™, The art of Nexting etc. These strategies build together to create a new lifestyle that lets women feel confident going into their dates, offering a scientific insight and understanding into the psychology and behaviours that men exhibit during the dating process.

The Manfunnel® Method has seen much success since it's development by Megan over 4 years ago, and has seen Megan published in various media outlets, including Forbes, Psychology Today, Reader's Digest and more. In just the past thirty days alone, six of her clients have announced their engagement or dream relationship. Motivated women who can't seem to translate the energy that pushes their career goals forward into their love life relate to Megan and the Manfunnel® Method, enabling to express their magnetic energy in all aspects of their life, and attract the right partner for them

Dr. Bolu Oladini (@doctor_bolu)

Dr. Bolu Oladini, a pharmacist by training and now a life & relationship coach, founded CONFLUENCE Life Coaching to help people master their mental game and understand themselves on a deeper level.  His goal is to help people level up in life and relationships, find purpose, and build their legacies. By guiding his clients to deeper self-knowledge, his clients can optimize their relationships, mindset, and health.   

Dr. Bolu uses a holistic and clinical approach to life & relationship coaching. He breaks down his clients' issues to get them the results they need. With his background in psychology, he uses his unique understanding of the human mind to overcome limiting beliefs and blockages in his clients’ subconscious minds. Also an experienced health coach, Dr. Bolu incorporates the importance of a healthy diet and fit lifestyle too. Through his 12-week Relationship Mastery Program, which includes support from an online community and weekly coaching calls, Dr. Bolu has helped numerous clients find their respective spouses.

Having navigated the dating scene before being married for 2 years, he knows more than anyone what it takes to maintain a healthy modern marriage. Dr. Bolu helps his clients achieve synergy and have all aspects of their lives, relationships, health, and mindset flow together.

Faith Busby (@matchmaker.usa)

Starting out with a career in tech and real estate and after studying interior design in college, Faith Busby never thought she’d become a professional matchmaker. At 26 years of age she decided she needed a change in her life, which was when she reached out the largest global matchmaking website in the world. It wasn’t until a year later that she heard back, after their CEO asked to have a meeting. This ensued into Faith being offered a job for them, where she packed up her life in Santa Barbara and moved over to San Francisco for her dream job as a professional matchmaker. 

When the company had to downsize, she decided to take the entrepreneurial leap and go out on her own. Now, Faith is well established in the world of matchmaking and running her own successful business, while still working with that same company as an outside consultant and head-hunter.

Running her own matchmaking firm, Faith finds and matches you with your long-term committed relationship partner. She aims to match both men and women clients to their partners for romantic dates and ultimately successful relationships, sometimes even for marriage. “Matchmaking is rewarding and enjoyable. It can be challenging to work with people and manage these ever-changing interpersonal relationships, but it is so heart-warming to help find love” Faith explains. If you’re looking for a matchmaker to find you your perfect long-term relationship, Faith Busby is your girl.  

John Ryan De Oca (@therelationshipprescriber)

John Ryan De Oca has always been interested in social dynamics and interpersonal relationships. So much so, that in his work as a nurse and nurse practitioner, he realized how crucial relationships are in everything people do. After years of clinical practice, he started to look at people holistically and realize how important inner work is.  That is why in 2018 he created a business concentrating on spreading the word and helping people on their journey. 

That’s how The Relationship Prescriber was born, where John helps people understand the role they play in relationships and how to create or repair their relationships in a way that’s rewarding and fulfilling. John Ryan focuses on new romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, and long-term partnerships. It’s his goal to help people understand how relationships reflect how they see themselves. So for them to work and be healthy, inner work is required. 

John believes personal growth and development is a continuous process and it’s something that requires as much time and focus as nutrition, fitness, beauty, and other aspects that add substance to people’s lives. John’s services teach people how to have multiple types of relationships instead of only focusing on romance, and understand how these different types can fill the gaps in their lives. 

Jacqueline Colette (@jc.matchme)

Entrepreneurs are givers, and oftentimes their personal life takes a backseat to their impact goals. As a high-end matchmaker for entrepreneurs, Jacqueline Colette “JC” believes every successful, high achiever deserves to feel chosen, cherished and met in all the areas that truly matter - and that the foundation for calling in your equal begins with knowing, embracing and sharing your purest self so that you can be seen and loved for who you really are. 

After a career in experience design consulting, ranging from virtual team culture / performance to influencer masterminds and online communities, JC’s exclusive access to raw conversations helped tap her into the unique desires, aches and dreams of founders. With expertise in curating containers that leverage connection psychology, profiling tests and compatibility theory, she set out to trial a scalable dating event series partnering with Bumble’s field team... until COVID-19 had other ideas. With the restrictions around in person gatherings and the collaborative event effectively put on hold, an increase in isolation called for intimate and curated matchmaking services to make sure change-makers still feel seen, understood, connected and cared for in their dating lives - quarantine or not. 

With an overarching mission to eradicate entrepreneurial loneliness, she also founded and soft-launched the website platform Go Further Together in 2019, which serves as a concierge to masterminds, live events, Facebook groups and membership communities - ultimately, assisting entrepreneurs at every size and stage to find their tribes faster.

Entrepreneurs are changing the world, JC just wants them to know they don’t have to do it alone.

Perri Schneider (@PerriSchneider)

Perri Schneider is the partner in crime people need when they’re navigating dating apps and they feel like it’s a waste of time. As she often says, “Dating apps suck, but they don’t have to!” As such, she is there to be your personal motivator and dating app navigator so you can have the best possible experience. Perri draws from her personal experience using dating apps, so she has been through everything her clients have been through. 

However, it’s her goal to shed some light and help clients make dating apps work for them. After years of trial and error, she perfected her approach to dating apps and finally found a partner that was perfect for her. Now, she wants to help other people do the same and accompany them through the highs and lows of the dating scene. 

Instead of leaning on friends who are also struggling, Perri truly guides her clients with insight and she shows people the path to love. A huge part of what Perri does is help people become more trusting of their intuition so they can feel a lot more confident about their options. She believes there’s a match for everyone out there and dating apps are the perfect way to find them, as long as it’s done right. 

Make sure to follow each of these amazing dating experts and coaches as they continue to help their clients find the love of their lives and build their relationships.  Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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