BKD’s “Simply Tax™” Launches Innovative Noir Tax Short Film

Springfield, Missouri, UNITED STATES

Springfield, MO, Jan. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BKD CPAs & Advisors is proud to announce the worldwide premiere of The Missing Deduction, an entertaining neo-noir styled short film that includes a wealth of tax knowledge.

The Missing Deduction has a pre-1950s aesthetic and begins with the disappearance of the renowned Mr. Quincy B. I. Donaldson, aka QBID. Private Investigator Taxation Simple, aka Tax, takes the case and sets out to solve one of the greatest mysteries of the tax world. Suspense, intrigue and a bit of humor ensue as Tax searches for Mr. QBID.

Damien Martin, host of the “Simply Tax™” podcast, was inspired to create the story after seeing clips from an old Dick Tracy movie. The resulting film is charming, polished and clever.

“We wanted to take an innovative approach to blend drama and humor with learning, and the results exceeded expectations. It was a very rewarding experience to be able to work with such a talented team and have some fun along the way,” said Martin.

The Missing Deduction uncovers the secrets of the most intriguing and intimidating 2017 tax reform provisions. It was created to help business owners, advisors, students, attorneys, CPAs and those in the academic world, but viewers don’t need a tax background to enjoy the film.

The production, led by BKD’s Aaron Phares and Garret Layman, took place in Springfield, Missouri. Much of the film was shot at the historic Holland Building. The film even includes a vintage car supplied by Route 66 Car Museum.

The first-of-its-kind film can be viewed on BKD’s website at https://www.bkd.com/missing-deduction.

A follow-along podcast episode will launch in January 2021 where the story will continue. Subscribe to be notified of the next installment.


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