As COVID-19 government relief and mortgage holidays end, new report tells investors how to prepare for an emerging foreclosures market

With Canadian mortgage arrears expected to hit highest levels since 2017, and with most of the federal government’s income support and mortgage deferral programs coming to an end, foreclosures are likely to rise - along with investment opportunities for those positioned to create win/win solutions in pre-foreclosure stages according to The Real Estate Investment Network.

Langley, British Columbia, CANADA

Vancouver, BC, Jan. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Real Estate Investment Network’s How to Avoid and Buy Foreclosures special report reveals that buying foreclosed and pre-foreclosed properties will likely emerge as an investment tactic for investors uniquely positioned and educated to implement win/win solutions amid the economic slowdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The special report covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding foreclosures
  2. When foreclosures occur
  3. How to avoid foreclosures
  4. How to buy pre-foreclosures and foreclosures

The findings are based on many research methodologies including The Real Estate Investment Network’s Economic Turmoil Formula, which highlights the economic conditions that typically indicate a slump in housing markets across Canada. According to the report, market influencers, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have triggered widespread business closures and the sudden loss of jobs, which in turn prompted a spike in mortgage delinquencies and therefore a potential rise in foreclosures in the coming months.

“This guide to buying and avoiding foreclosures is the first of its kind. There has never been a comprehensive analysis and step-by-step manual that details how foreclosures exactly work in Canada. With great market uncertainty happening right now, investors need a clear-cut handbook that can help them navigate this emerging COVID-19 real estate landscape,” explains Jennifer Hunt, Vice President Research at The Real Estate Investment Network.

According to Hunt, the report is not only useful to investors but homeowners as well, especially those seeking to avoid losing their homes due to foreclosure.

“The unfortunate reality some homeowners may face is potential eviction from their homes or loss of investment  properties, but there are many options  for both lenders and borrowers to avoid this scenario – with being educated on the process and being proactive.. Investors will benefit from understanding how foreclosures work, the many debt settlement options available in the pre-foreclosure stage and, if in a position to do so, where to find and purchase these unconventional investment deals,” adds Hunt.

The report also comes with a Foreclosures Purchase Checklist, a tool designed to help investors decide whether or not to buy a particular foreclosed property.

“Foreclosures can happen at any time, for a myriad of reasons, and during any phase of the real estate cycle. But foreclosures also rise depending on which phase of the cycle the market is in. Right now, most of Canada’s major housing markets are in the slump phase, which means foreclosures are bound to increase in the next few months. The key for homeowners and buyers is to learn how to pivot while employing all means possible to either protect their properties or expand their portfolios,” Hunt ended.  

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