Author Explores Bipolar Disorder Through Poetry, Prose in Cathartic Book of Creative Nonfiction

In ‘Bi - Polaroid,’ David Samuelson presents a quick, thought-provoking read that examines the complexity of mental illness and celebrates the endurance of the human spirit

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

WARRENVILLE, Ill., Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author David Samuelson has published an intimate collection of poetry and prose that sweeps readers up on a trip through the mind of a person with bipolar disorder. In “Bi -Polaroid,” Samuelson twines his experiences grappling with this mental illness with raw reflections on love, family, joy, and pain to deftly depict how symptoms manifest in daily life.

Samuelson calls upon an eclectic mix of storytelling techniques to explore a vast spectrum of emotional experiences in this work of creative nonfiction, from manic heights to depressive depths. “Bi - Polaroid” provides a much-needed resource for those coping with mental illness that they can relate to and glean hope from. The book also offers insight to the loved ones of someone with mental illness, as it opens a window into the mind of a person experiencing bipolar disorder symptoms.

“I have just enjoyed a wonderful book called ‘Bi – Polaroid,’” a reader wrote in a five-star review of the book on Amazon. “… [‘Bi - Polaroid’ is] especially for those who might be meeting mania and depression and he teaches how you can be an overcomer in life since this is a good way to defeat regression. The author wants you to know that love means a ton of things and no matter what you're facing keep chasing your desires and dreams!”

Ultimately, “Bi - polaroid” is a cathartic collection that teaches the reader how to strive for what Samuelson calls “boxeteen” – a term he says means whatever makes one happy. Through his book, Samuelson offers a message of hope to those with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, reminding them that they can survive, and that success is in the eye of the beholder.

“Bi - Polaroid”
By David Samuelson
ISBN: 978-1-7960-8275-3 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-7960-8274-6 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-7960-8287-6 (e)
Available through Xlibris, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

About the author
David Samuelson is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Samuelson is passionate about helping others cope with and manage symptoms of mental illness and runs a support group at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, has served as a counselor for the DuPage Mental Illness Court Alternative Program (MICAP), and has done public speaking engagements for schools. He is also the author of “BOXETEEN.” Samuelson currently resides in Warrenville, Ill. To learn more, please visit or connect with the author on Facebook.

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