Local Man Creates Handy Double-Sided Mask Clip

Handy invention is selling briskly; it solves a variety of problems with no fanfare

DALLAS, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the thick of a resurgent pandemic, a local man has a new invention that is selling at an extremely fast pace. Walter Hall, Veteran (USMC) and Minority Business Owner has created mymaskclip, a device tailor-made for today’s world.

Mymaskclip is a small, double-sided device that clips to an individual’s belt, purse, backpack, waistline, etc. The other side holds the mask.

How did Mr. Hall come up with the idea?

“After Covid-19 developed in the U.S., and states began to have mask mandates, I noticed something that happened quite often,” Hall said.

He noticed people walking up to storefronts, only to turn around because they forgot their masks. He was aware of families sitting in restaurants who sometimes struggled with deciding where to keep their masks when not on their faces.

“Some put the masks on their laps but stood up later and they dropped to the floor,” Hall said.

He referenced patrons in gyms who were unmasked while working out on machines but were required to wear the masks when moving to another machine. The question in his mind arose – where do you keep your mask when not in use? And – can there be a better way?

About four months ago, Hall said a solution to the dilemma dawned on him.

“I then created, designed and produced a clip that simply holds your mask when it’s not on your face,” he said. “The clip is extremely easy to use.”

He touted the unique benefits of the mask clip:

  • the mask clip ensures that people never forget their mask – masks are always present
  • ease of use – masks are within reach at all times
  • individuals are no longer compromised by putting their masks on unclean surfaces, in their pockets, or hanging uncomfortably from their ears
  • the design is sleek and compact – it will not interfere with their wardrobe or detract from their style
  • cost savings – the mask clip extends the life/usage of a single mask

Hall formed a limited liability corporation, Walter’s Unique Designs, LLC, and his business is off to a great start. He secured the domain name and website “mymaskclip.org” where he is currently selling his great product.

Recently, mymaskclip was featured in The Dallas Morning News Pandemic Buying Guide (technology section). 

“We had great response,” he said. “The ad ran on a Sunday and we’ve sold into the thousands.”

Hall has applied for a provisional utility patent as well as a design patent, both of which have been accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, giving him patent protection for the next twelve months. 

For more information, Hall can be reached at (918) 856-0272 or at mymaskclip@gmail.com

 6100 Holiday Lane, #202
 Richland Hills, Texas 76180

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