New Wellness Outreach Service Gives Employers the Ability to Proactively Support Employee Behavioral Health

R3 Continuum’s new service offering aims to address increased levels of stress, loneliness, trauma, grief, and other issues brought on by the challenges of 2020


MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- R3 Continuum (R3c), a leader in providing custom behavioral health solutions for workplace wellbeing, announced today the launch of Wellness Outreach, a new solution for helping employers proactively support the behavioral health needs of their employees. The service helps organizations cultivate a culture of wellbeing by extending ongoing care and support. Through early intervention and mitigation of behavioral health issues, employers can improve employee morale, productivity, and retention.

“I am proud that our organization has developed a solution that brings wellbeing support direct to the employee,” said George Vergolias, PsyD, CTM, medical director at R3 Continuum. “So many of us let pride or the feeling that ‘I don’t have it as bad as the other person’ get in the way of seeking and obtaining much-needed support. After the challenging year we just faced, many employees are suffering in silence, and providing proactive timely support can help transform that silent suffering into mutually-supported thriving.”

Wellness Outreach provides employees with a confidential and private space to share openly how they are feeling, while learning best-practice coping skills and self-care strategies for resilience and wellbeing. It is different from traditional support methods in that the employee does not have to initiate the call for needed support. The outreach calls extend support to the employee, which aids in getting support to those who either did not know they needed it or were too afraid to make the call themselves. Delivery of the service includes the following:

  • The ability to extend the Wellness Outreach services to all employees or to a select subset of the workforce.
  • Telephonic Wellness Outreach conducted on a one-time basis or a frequency of monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, based on the unique needs of the employer.
  • Appropriate opt-in, opt-out and confidentiality measures in place for employees.
  • Availability of customized follow-up support options following Wellness Outreach if additional needs are identified.
  • A summary report at the conclusion of the call outlining the employee’s status of wellbeing, any additional support need recommendations, employee’s level of participation, and other information as requested and within scope and privacy parameters.

“The need for organizations to be proactively supporting their employees’ behavioral health is an essential part of the next normal in 2021,” said Jim Mortensen, president at R3 Continuum. “R3 Continuum’s new Wellness Outreach service provides the much-needed solution for employers to do that.”

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