ThirdEye Launches Healthcare, Government and Field Services Dedicated AR/MR Software Digital Ecosystem

The AR/MR enterprise leader now provides an end-to-end solution through its X2 MR Glasses and industry-specific software utilized by the U.S. military and enterprise customers worldwide

New Jersey, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThirdEye, a leader in augmented and mixed reality enterprise solutions, today announces the launch of its updated and patented suite of healthcare, government and field services software and accessories. ThirdEye’s clients, including the U.S. military, can now have a complete AR hardware, software and accessories experience using a single vendor.

ThirdEye created its Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to provide central IT experts with effective device management. The MDM software gives IT departments control over which Wi-Fi networks the glasses can discover, the availability of apps and other required security mechanisms.

The MR glasses and software leader also developed its RemoteEye software platform to allow remotely located senior technicians to see the actual field of view of frontline technicians. This platform found nearly a 40% savings in task time in the military, field services and engineering sectors. Currently more than 100 customers worldwide are utilizing the RemoteEye platform, which comes with the ThirdEye MR Glasses. This software not only works on the ThirdEye smart glasses, but also on tablets, laptops, phones and web browsers, allowing for total cross-platform compatibility. By utilizing this software, workers no longer need to travel on-site and can connect via AR remotely, enabling greater environmental sustainability as well.

In Healthcare, ThirdEye deployed its RespondEye software to first responders, which includes a HIPPA certified telehealth platform allowing EMS professionals to virtually connect to doctors and provide the patient with a higher quality of care from the time they arrive on the scene. Currently, the software is being offered for free for first responders in the fight against COVID-19.

“At ThirdEye, we wanted to offer the full digital AR/MR & AI ecosystem so our clients can have an end-to-end solution. To have the most impact in the healthcare industry and aid in the fight against COVID-19, we obtained our HIPAA certification for the X2 MR Glasses, our RemoteEye platform and RespondEye app for first responders. This ensures that patient data is securely accessed and that medics have the tools needed to succeed,” said Nick Cherukuri, CEO and founder of ThirdEye.

ThirdEye also offers a thermal sensor package, which allows users to view the temperatures of both people and equipment, such as HVAC systems, through an additional clip-on thermal scanner. Additionally, the company offers hard hat connections, prescription inserts and frontline connectivity packages where the glasses are bundled with wireless hotspots.

In addition, ThirdEye is expanding its partner program to enable bulk pricing discounts, free software porting help, joint webinars and marketing efforts for ISV partners and resellers. For more information on ThirdEye, visit

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ThirdEye is a leader in smart glasses and AR/MR software development. While many companies today use just smart glasses or only software, ThirdEye provides a full end-to-end package for its customers and employees. It has hundreds of software developers creating apps ranging from games to entertainment to enterprise applications and its products retail around the world. From everyday consumers to Fortune 500 companies, ThirdEye is bringing the power of mixed reality globally. Mixed reality has the potential to change the way the world operates, and ThirdEye’s vision is to help generate the future.

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