Epiq Launches Advanced Legal Spend Analytics

Data-Driven Approach Helps Clients Reduce Risk, Save Costs

Kansas City, Kansas, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry, today announced the launch of their advanced spend analytics offering to assist legal teams in managing their legal business with data-backed insights. The spend solution is being provided at a time of economic volatility, where budgets are uncertain and managing costs is critical. As a result, clients have an even greater need for targeted data to help make smart operations decisions regarding spend.

Epiq is using Microsoft Power BI to bring its advanced analytics dashboard visuals to market. As most Epiq customers already utilize Power BI within their department, Epiq believes it can meet its customers’ advanced reporting needs where and how they need them. Already Microsoft’s 2020 Compliance Partner of the Year, Epiq brings its deep knowledge of the Microsoft platform to stay ahead of the latest technology developments, industry needs, and swiftly find and shape new solutions for clients.

“Legal spend dashboards are table stakes today, and should be easily accessible to everyone,” said Peter Eilhauer, managing director for spend solutions at Epiq. “The flexibility of the Microsoft Power BI platform paired with Epiq’s data science capabilities allows us to bring the advanced analytics Epiq is known for in litigation to a wider audience.”

As part of its initial release, Epiq is applying its advanced spend analytics capabilities to litigation spend, where clients can significantly impact their outside legal costs by applying data science to add further insights. In future releases, the team expects to bring to market additional solutions for billing, budgeting, and measuring matter outcomes.

“Responsive and data driven analytics dashboards are just the beginning. We have built these initial services and developed great partnerships along the way,” added Eilhauer. “In 2021, the investments we’ve made to bolster our market intelligence through Hyperion and in our data visualization via Microsoft Power BI, coupled with our decades of experience in advanced analytics and litigation expertise, will help us provide new, innovative legal spend solutions that our clients have come to expect from us.”

General counsel, law firms, and legal operations department are finding invaluable results from Epiq’s spend dashboards. By seamlessly blending important data with easy-to-understand visuals and expert interpretations, clients can make smart, proven decisions about the future of their operations, even amid a tumultuous economy. To learn more about Epiq’s spend analytics solutions or schedule demo, please contact spendsolutions@epiqglobal.com for a free 30-minute consultation.

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