Cosemi Launches USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode Hybrid Active Optical Cables

Video, Power and Data in a Single Cable; New Cables Bring DisplayPort Video over USB Type-C Connector

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cosemi Technologies Inc., a global leader in innovative, high-speed connectivity solutions, has introduced a new line of active optical cables (AOCs) that feature DisplayPort (DP) alt mode technology to allow USB-C-enabled computers and mobile devices to connect directly to a display or monitor. The first cable in this new line will enable full DP 2.0 (the latest DP specification) while supporting USB 2.0 to provide legacy support for millions of USB devices already in the market. The second cable will support DP 1.4, USB 3.2 and USB 2.0 in one cable. In addition to output, both Cosemi cables provide up to 60W of power delivery as well as the ability to charge devices, thereby enabling a single port interconnect for video, data and charging for DP or USB-C devices.

Alt mode is a functional extension of USB-C, which enables a USB connection to transmit non-USB signals, such as DP and Thunderbolt 3. In the case of DP alt mode, a USB-C-equipped computer can connect directly to a display or monitor with a USB-C port. Driving the need for this DP alt mode technology is the growing trend of viewing higher resolution digital content over mobile devices.

According to Adrian Collins, marketing director at Cosemi, “DP alt mode has helped accelerate the growth of DP beyond PCs into mobile applications. Our new line of DP alt mode AOCs deliver simultaneous video, power and data over the USB Type-C connector. Users receive superior performance with a reliable plug-and-play experience – all of the best benefits of our hybrid AOCs packaged into a single cable.”

Cosemi is an active member of both USB-IF (the governing organization of USB-C) and VESA (the governing organization of DP) – and is involved with the enablement of these standards through the development of AOCs that are longer and slimmer than standard copper cables and are capable of delivering ultra-fast data transmission for high-performance applications.

As with Cosemi’s other USB cables, the new DP alt mode cables feature a proprietary Cosemi optical engine, which combines the control and power of a copper cable with the high-speed data transfer of fiber optics. Cosemi’s AOCs are based on its broad and fundamental IP and patent portfolio and are acknowledged as the broadest line of USB hybrid AOCs on the market. Additional features include:

  • Charging or powering of devices up to 60W
  • Custom lengths up to 15m (50ft)
  • 5mm bend radius
  • EMI protection

The new Cosemi USB-C DP alt mode cables are currently sampling to key customers with general availability in Q1 2021. For more information, please visit

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