What’s a Vehicle Service Contract? An Insider at Veritas Global Protection Breaks It Down for You

Phoenix, AZ, Jan. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Owning a vehicle is one thing and having it in good shape all the time is the other. While you may own a car, maintaining it or repairing it whenever the need arises can be a challenging task. Fortunately, vehicle service contracts are available from some of the most reputable providers to help people like you clear any worries about unexpected repair costs that come knocking when you least expect them. Getting a vehicle service contract is equivalent to getting additional security, especially on your high-end electronics. With the rising cost of new cars in the country and the world at large, many people are now resorting to buying used cars to minimize the cost of owning a vehicle while at the same time ensuring they run their errands without disruption.

Differences Between Warranties

There are salient differences between various types of warranties. A dealership will provide an extended warranty. It is convenient when you have everything being billed and taken care of by a dealership from whom you are buying your car. However, this comes with a few shortcomings, such as having no choice on where to have your car repairs. You will have to agree to the terms, pricing, and the sometimes slow mechanics. In some cases, the warranties may not have the approval of the automaker. The implication of this is that you may not have access to resources that are specific to your kind of model or car make.  Dealership warranties will come with a wide range of features, ranging from bumper-to-bumper coverage to full engine repair, ECM, and drivetrain repair. 

Manufacturer Warranties

A manufacturer's warranty or OEM warranty is the type of coverage that comes with the car upon purchase from the automaker. It may feature B2B, engine failures, and powertrain coverage and repair of major electronic components. If you are considering keeping your new car for more than five years, want to buy a used car, or simply want to renew your auto protection, having a vehicle service contract or an extended warranty is worth considering.

When Is It Worth Buying a Vehicle Service Contract?

When people are looking to buy a warranty like Veritas Global Protection, the first thing they consider is price and convenience. Here are some top reasons why you may want to get an extended warranty on your used car. 

Aftermarket Accessibility

Extended warranties consider dealership warranties not approved by manufacturers. Third-party coverages vary and come with different features and exclusion rules. Because automakers do not authorize these extended warranties, they may not qualify for OEM parts. Deductibles paid may cost you slightly more than factory warranties may charge.  But this doesn't mean the aftermarket coverage is not to be trusted; they simply may not be able to process claims as quickly as dealerships do. However, such warranties come at a relatively lower price. 

Key Components Need Coverage

Your average dealership extended warranty may not cover all the parts, including most modern cars' internal electronics. However, you can choose between lower and higher tier warranties depending on your budget. The former comes with basic coverage or major engine and transmission parts.  But better still, the cost of repairs covered by the basic coverage can be so high if you do not have it all.

Retaining Car For Extended Period of Time

A car extended warranty is similar to having an extra insurance policy, while the real warranty is what you get when you buy your car. Ideally, extended car warranties are designed to give car owners something to lean on or fall back on when their factory warranty expires or when you run out of the allowed coverage mileage. Therefore, warranties come in two forms: manufacturer and third-party, the most popular being the extended warranty, which is provided by dealerships at the time of purchasing the car.  On the other hand, third-parties provide extended warranties, especially for used cars. 

What Veritas Global Protection Does

Veritas Global Protection is the best option for purchasing a vehicle service contract that will provide you maximum protection. The company has some of the industry's best coverage plans featuring amazing offers such as expedited claim processing, roadside assistance, trip-interruption, and more.


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