Fenix Marine Services Achieves Carbon Neutral Electricity Through Renewable Energy Credits

Credits Cover 100% of FMS’ Electricity Consumed in 2020

Los Angeles California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fenix Marine Services LTD (“Fenix” or “FMS”), one of the largest terminal facilities at the Port of Los Angeles, today announced that it has used renewable energy credits (RECs) for 100% of the electricity Fenix consumed in 2020.

“As part of our commitment to sustainable industrialization, Fenix has been exploring opportunities to conserve, as well as produce, renewable energy at its Port of Los Angeles Container Terminal for years. This purchase of renewable energy credits marks a significant step towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral and demonstrates our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable industrialization,” said Jon Slangerup, Fenix Board Member.

Fenix has implemented a number of clean energy initiatives aimed at supporting environmental efficiency. In 2018, Fenix procured 2.4 MW of onsite energy storage, which has helped reduce electricity use by storing power regenerated by Fenix’s electrified ship to shore gantry cranes. In 2019, Fenix kicked off projects to replace all of its power-hungry high-pressure sodium lights for its container yard and quay cranes. Renewable energy is one of many ways Fenix is addressing sustainable industrialization. Fenix has engaged with multiple partners to pilot new engine technologies for its equipment, including hydrogen fuel cell, battery electric and hybrid power systems.

“Through this renewable energy credit purchase, Fenix has further demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, and we are pleased to see their continued efforts to find opportunities to meet our CAAP goals,” said Chris Cannon, Director of Environmental Management at the Port of Los Angeles.

Looking forward, Fenix has partnered with multiple parties to explore further renewable energy storage and production solutions. As equipment fleets transition to zero emissions through either battery electric or hydrogen electric power, a resilient and renewable source of energy on site will become even more critical for the environment, but also for this critical infrastructure.

Purchase of RECs is a waypoint on Fenix’s CSR roadmap linked here. The CSR commitment is structured around three founding principles: Sustainable Industrialization, Progressive People Development, and Business Ethics & Innovation.

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