Ouriginal Partners With AI-based Solution Provider Analytikus To Support Higher Education In Their Quest For Best-Quality Education

Stockholm, Jan. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ouriginal and Analytikus partner to support Higher Education in their quest for best-quality education

Advanced analytics solutions to strengthen academic integrity even in digital education environments

(STOCKHOLM/MIAMI, 26 January 2021) - Ouriginal, Europe’s leading provider of text-matching solutions for plagiarism prevention and text-similarity detection, is happy to announce its latest partnership today. By partnering with Analytikus, an award-winning artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions provider, educational organizations are now able to benefit from combining similarity detection, authorship verification, teaching and learning, as well as student success tools.

Cutting-Edge Technology Needed to Ensure High-Quality Education in Digital Teaching Environments

The global pandemic put education globally to a stress test. Key learnings from this were the evident need to provide educators with insights into students’ learning progression and the students’ overall approach to integrity in a digital environment. Although, software solutions will never be able to fully make up for the missing social interaction between educators and students, they can nevertheless provide insights for areas of improvement. Cutting-edge technology is needed to ensure that the quality of this guidance is adequate.

“Educators need even more insights on their students’ progression in digital teaching environments as compared to the traditional face-to-face environments”, says Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is nowadays able to provide these insights with a high level of accuracy. As Analytikus is an expert in developing AI-based software solutions for educational organizations, partnering up with them was a logical step for us. I’m happy to see both companies taking online teaching and learning to the next level – for both educators and students.”

“Analytikus provides teaching and learning as well as student integrity solutions to universities and colleges worldwide. Combining our solutions with Ouriginal’s similarity detection and writing style analysis tools ensures that academic integrity will be safeguarded – irrespective of whether courses take place in real-life or in digital classrooms”, says Phil Ice, CSO of Analytikus. “We’re looking forward to jointly improving the quality of education worldwide.”

If you are interested in learning more about this partnership, please reach out to press@ouriginal.com

More information on Ouriginal can also be found at: www.ouriginal.com. For more information regarding Analytikus, please visit www.analytikus.com.   

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