Bosch Encourages Consumers to Raise Standards with Quick Ice, Greater Storage in New Refrigerator

“Invented for Life” Brand Keeps it Cool without Compromise in Continued Refrigeration Expansion

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

  • Bosch home appliances expands reinvented French door bottom mount refrigeration collection in 2021 with two new 500 Series standard-depth connected models
  • With 53% of Americans realizing the need for better ice production at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and targeted storage deemed a critical design need, new models deliver ample storage space and advanced water and ice production—without compromise
  • Expanding refrigeration collection delivers on three refrigeration trends: fast, freshly filtered ice and water, freshness and organization, as well as optimized beverage storage

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bosch home appliances, known industry-wide for raising standards in quality appliances, continues the largest portfolio redesign in the brand’s U.S. history in 2021 with the new 500 Series standard-depth French door bottom mount refrigerator. With the entire reinvented Bosch refrigeration collection built from the ground up to address top consumer needs, the new standard-depth French door models are designed with recent consumer shifts in mind:

  • A recent Bosch study found over 50% of Americans self-identify as “ice obsessed”, with 53% realizing the need for better ice production at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and 64% running out multiple times per year
  • Consumers desire a refrigerator with greater capacity to store fresh produce as they continue spending more time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with new recipes, with 80% deeming targeted storage as a critical design need in NKBA’s Living Impacts Design study
  • An unprecedented year has renewed appreciation for the simple things in life—such as more time with family or even the taste of a perfectly chilled beverage after a long day

Featuring the streamlined, functional and award-winning French door design that has captured attention across the country, Bosch invites consumers to raise their refrigeration standards yet again in 2021 with the new 500 Series standard-depth refrigerator. The new Bosch 500 Series standard-depth refrigerators feature the brand’s latest industry-first refrigeration innovation, the QuickIcePro System™, alongside ample storage space to deliver on everyday needs in the kitchen—from advanced water and ice production to optimal freshness and flexible organization—without compromise.

“Bosch believes consumers should not have to compromise when it comes to their refrigerator, especially during a time when we rely on our appliances more than ever,” said Anja Prescher, Bosch home appliances Brand Director. “While there is often a tradeoff between enough ice capacity and a spacious interior, Bosch is proud to introduce a refrigerator that offers both so consumers don’t have to choose. From our stunning counter-depth French door bottom mount refrigerators unveiled in 2019 to the 500 Series standard-depth refrigerators in 2021, we invite consumers to raise their standards with a new Bosch refrigerator designed for everyday needs and greater convenience in the kitchen.”

Offered in a variety of sizes, styles, models and with new industry-first advancements, each Bosch French door bottom mount refrigerator, including the new 500 Series standard-depth unit, features Home Connect™ and is purposefully designed for consumers to raise expectations of what a refrigerator can do.

Key features address top consumer trends, including:

Ice-Obsessed Hydration at its Best:

  • In tandem with a self-identified ice obsession, a recent Bosch study revealed the average American consumes up to 116 glasses of ice per month or nearly 36 pounds, resulting in 66% running to the store for ice at least once a month to keep up with household demand. The new QuickIcePro System refrigerator from Bosch, available in standard-depth in 2021 or counter-depth now, is the industry’s fastest refrigerator ice maker* producing up to 12 pounds** or 40 glasses of freshly filtered ice per day*** because fewer grocery store trips should apply to ice, too.
  • The study also found access to ice impacts how much water Americans consume, with 53% saying having no ice available means they drink less water. Further, those who drink six or more glasses of water per day are the most likely to describe themselves as very happy, optimistic, successful. Bosch 500 Series models prioritize proper hydration, equipping consumers with the UltraClarityPro™ Water Filter, reducing 99.9% of sediments that may be found in water or ice, and BottleFill, to remember the size of their favorite glass or bottle, for fast, hands-free fill ups.

Freshness & Organization Without Compromise:

  • Because Bosch believes there should not be a tradeoff between ice capacity and a spacious interior, the new 500 Series standard-depth French door bottom mount refrigerator is designed to offer the utmost in storage space, visibility and flexible organization – three components paramount to long-lasting freshness. Four inches deeper than Bosch counter-depth models, it holds up to 22% more food to limit trips to the grocery store while features like VitaFreshPlus™, MultiAirFlow™ and an AirFresh® Filter provide peace of mind that food will stay fresh.
  • Having a large fridge and freezer makes it easier to store more, but without organization, food can become lost or buried and go to waste. Making it easier to keep all your ingredients organized, in view and in reach, the full Bosch French door bottom mount refrigeration collection features storage solutions like split glass shelving, gallon door storage bins, LED lighting and a tiered freezer system. Further, new 500 Series standard-depth models feature a Garage Shelf, which easily transforms from two shelves to one, depending on individual needs.

Nothing to Wine About:

  • Americans have shown a nearly equal interest in beverage storage as they have for ice, with 56% agreeing that a drink at the wrong temperature has the potential to make their day less enjoyable. The 800 Series Bosch Refreshment Center™ refrigerator, featuring the industry-first glass-front beverage drawer, removes the guesswork from achieving the optimal temperature for beverages of choice at the touch of a button. Its five pre-programmed settings create the ideal environment for a variety of beverages – from red wine to champagne, to craft beer, soda and more.
  • No matter which model consumers choose, all Bosch French door bottom mount refrigerators feature adjustable storage door bins that can easily accommodate a full-size wine bottle. As well, Bosch innovations like the industry’s first FlexBar® on 800 Series counter-depth models and Garage Shelf on 500 Series standard-depth models offer additional beverage storage options.

As part of the reinvented French door bottom mount refrigeration collection from Bosch, the new 500 Series standard-depth refrigerator will be available midyear 2021. To view French door bottom mount refrigeration models available now, visit the Fresh by Design, QuickIcePro or Refreshment Center pages on Or, connect with Bosch on Facebook (, Twitter (@BoschHomeUS) Instagram (@BoschHomeUS) or Pinterest (@BoschHomeUS). 

*Based on single ice maker production rates during a 24-hour period, measured per IEC standard and manufacturer user’s manuals, for brands identified in US and Canada TraQline as freestanding French door bottom mount refrigerators.
**Based on single ice maker production rates during a 24 hour period, measured per IEC standards, when the ice bin was removed. Results may vary depending on operating conditions.
***Based on filling 8 oz. glasses.

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