Custom Mattress Manufacturer Announces New Von Viva Premium Brand:

Modular Mattresses That Allow Customization For Multiple Sleepers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Founded in 1976 and known for its vast array of custom-made mattress and foam products, Sleep Boutique Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new premium line of customizable and oversized mattresses: Von Viva Mattresses. While other manufacturers build one-piece mattresses with one selected level of firmness, Von Viva mattresses accommodate multiple sleepers’ individual firmness needs within one luxurious mattress.

Why a Modular Mattress?

“Customers were saying things like ‘I like a firm mattress, but my partner prefers it soft’, or ‘I need it soft in my hip area, but my husband needs firm back support,’ so we really wanted a way to make both sleepers happy. Many customers have called our mattresses a relationship saver!” says Colin Crump, President of Sleep Boutique Inc., the makers of Von Viva.

How the Mattresses Work

A Von Viva mattress model, such as the Von Orchid, is built with up to 18 modular, layered components of varying materials and firmness, e.g. high-resiliency foams, organic latex, or pocket coils, according to customer preference. Components are easily removable and replaceable, and can be tailored vertically, for each sleeper on right or left sides of the bed, or horizontally, to vary firmness along the body for shoulder, back and hip regions. “The unique top layer and tight zipper closure makes them feel completely seamless on top,” explains Crump.

Oversized Mattresses Growing in Popularity

According to data from Scientific American, humans have grown about 10 centimeters in the past 150 years, in addition to getting older and heavier. Since Von Viva mattresses disassemble easily in soft sections without tools, they are a welcome solution to achieve the oversized mattresses that large people or families are seeking. The company has already taken numerous orders for Alaskan King-sized mattresses (9’ x 9’ or 108” x 108”) to customers in the United States and Canada.

Price Point in the Market

“Although the customization makes the product different from mass-produced mattresses, our price is not much higher than other luxury brands,” explains Crump. “Since we manufacture here and then sell directly to consumers through our website, we have no middleman markup.” Mattresses range from about $1100 - $2000 USD for a queen to $1700 - $3000 USD for a King. Alaskan King size ranges from $3000 - $5500 USD. Components are replaceable, at a cost of $100 - $400 USD each for a modular section. “This makes the product a lifetime investment that will never need a full replacement,” explains Crump, “and because they dis-assemble, we can afford to include shipping costs in our price.”

Marketing Initiatives

The Von Viva brand was launched in October 2020 with the assistance of Tenato Strategy Inc., a Canadian marketing strategy firm with offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. “Selling modular mattresses online has required significant adaptation of the typical mattress retailing model,” explains Jacqueline Drew, CEO of Tenato. “Customers needed to be able to choose their firmness preferences for each zone in the mattress, choose from materials like memory foam or organic latex, and also be able to order new components. The website was no small task, but we look forward to seeing it build traffic and sales over the coming months.” About Von Viva Von Viva is the new mattress brand of Sleep Boutique, a Canadian company that has been producing and retailing mattresses since 1976. Mattresses are manufactured in Canada, while beds and linens are manufactured in the USA. The company ships all over North America. Von Viva. For the rest of your life.


Family enjoys story time on a Von Viva Alaskan King sized mattress. These modular mattresses are highly customizable to multiple sleepers' preferences, e.g. firm on his side, softer on hers, and disassemble easily for moving and shipping. Diagram of the construction of a VonViva mattress. Each modular segment can be selected for firmness, materials and comfort, and then all zip together tightly inside the cover enclosure. This allows each sleeper to tailor their sleep to exact preferences.  Mattresses contain up to 18 segments yet give a seamless feel once assembled under the topper layer.

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