SV Academy Trains the Next Generation of Sales Reps with InsideView Insights

Sales Intelligence Identified as a Key Competency for Technology Sales Candidates

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsideView and SV Academy announced today that InsideView is providing its award-winning sales intelligence platform, InsideView Insights, for use in SV Academy’s Tech Sales Fellowship program. Access to InsideView Insights allows SV Academy students to hone their sales intelligence skills, which SV Academy identified as a proficiency important to tech employers. SV Academy empowers underrepresented job-seekers with sales skills training, technology, and support needed to enter careers in the tech industry.

“At SV Academy, we are constantly thinking about how to more deeply integrate employers’ needs into our students’ experience, and use of sales intelligence has emerged as a key proficiency for enterprise technology sales,” said Rahim Fazal, SV Academy Co-Founder and CEO. “Our mission is to create high-income employment outcomes for every student at SV Academy. The more familiar they are with important technologies like CRM, sales engagement, and sales intelligence, the better they are at their jobs, and the more valuable they are to an employer. Having access to InsideView is a competitive advantage for our graduates, boosting their earnings and their employers’ revenue — a win-win. We want to thank InsideView for being both an incredible employer and technology partner.”

SV Academy is an online vocational school for non-coders that was founded to help under-resourced and underrepresented communities, including women and people of color, break into the technology industry. InsideView Insights is now part of the curriculum for the current and future cohorts of its Tech Sales Fellowship, which includes training, help with job placement, and career success coaching. As part of SV Academy’s training, students are now getting hands-on experience using InsideView Insights in live prospecting scenarios, providing practical knowledge that they can use on the job.

“Tech sales is not for the faint of heart — sellers need every advantage to be successful,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. “Sales intelligence is a critical component of any high-performing B2B sales organization because it empowers skilled sellers with data and insights that help them relate to their prospects and set them apart from their competitors. By making InsideView available to the students at SV Academy we’re doing our part to close a digital gap and equip them for successful careers.”

"InsideView has provided me with a single platform for prospecting that provides multiple avenues to gather up-to-date and relevant information,” said Ayro Palpal-latoc, SDR at Grin and SV Academy Cohort 38 graduate. “During my intense internship through SV Academy, InsideView allowed me to effectively filter through a vast database, and with direct feeds from Twitter and Facebook, it gave me the curve I needed to reach prospects on a human level."

InsideView Insights is an award-winning real-time sales intelligence platform that allows sellers to find and connect with the right prospects faster and with more relevant information to close sales. With access to 100 million contacts and 19 million companies, and a browser extension that provides insight right in the sales workflow, SV Academy students will learn how to cut research time to minutes instead of hours and engage with prospects faster.

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Named this year's #2 Most Innovative Education Program by Fast Company, SV Academy is the non-coding way to make it in tech in America. Through its rigorous online employment programs, SV Academy offers jobseekers from diverse communities access to sales careers at more than 400+ partner SaaS companies across the US. The community provides skill-building, mentorship, job placement assistance, and post-hire support, such as alumni networking events and coaching, with 60% of its graduates promoted in the first year. SV Academy is backed by leading venture capitalists including Owl Ventures, Uprising, Bloomberg Beta, Kapor Capital, ReThink Education, as well as Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s Sound Ventures. To learn more,

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