Reed5group Announces the Launch of Take5: The Rethink Marketing Podcast

Cincinnati, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Calling all sales and marketing professionals, this is where we RETHINK & REAPPLY everyday normalities

CINCINNATI, Jan. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The reed5group, formally known as Engage Digital, is now in the podcast business. Not selling them but rather producing them. According to Eric Reed CEO of reed5group, “The Rethink Marketing podcast is about challenging marketing and sales professionals to rethink and to not strive for everyday perfection but rather strive to be present, everyday.”

The podcast is a weekly podcast that features 6 episodes per month. Every Tuesday there is a quick hitting conversation between the two founders of the podcast, Eric Reed & Colin Jeffries. These conversations are meant to be quick, punchy and provide some ideas on how to rethink and reapply. These episodes are between 12-15 minutes. According to Reed, “We as marketing and sales professionals get caught in the echo-chamber far too often and simply take what we always believed to be true and fact. We want to challenge people to stop and question status quo. As the world of marketing and sales evolves daily, our thought process and believed intelligence needs to be challenged daily, to be present.”

In addition to the 4 quick hitting episodes that release every Tuesday, the podcast also publishes featured guest episodes every other Thursday. These episodes will be a little longer and dig a little deeper into the inter-workings of marketing and sales while picking the brain of some of the top influencers in the space. Reed is proud to share that Carlos Hidalgo, Tara Hunt, Greg Gifford, Gary Schneeberger Christoph Trappe, Tim Ash and NFL linebacker Chris Spielman have all come into the studio to talk personal brand, strategies, tactics and frankly life.

So, if you want to keep your mind sharp and stay in the front row of marketing and sales or just want to hear from industry influencers, then keep this podcast on your radar. Remember, says Reed, “Marketing and sales are full of myths, misconceptions and even flat out lies. So, join us as we step outside the echo-chamber to RETHINK & REAPPLY marketing and sales.”

Take5: The Rethink Marketing Podcast is featured through buzzsprout and can be downloaded on all major podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, AOL and Google.

You can visit the Rethink Marketing Podcast site at

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