Alberta Author Pens Gripping and Emotional New Memoir ‘Seven to Seventy: My Journey Through Time’

Author Lavera Goodeye presents her poignant life story to help generate compassion and understanding on the effects of trauma, addiction and suicide

CORONATION, Alberta., Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the age of six, author Lavera Goodeye lost her mother to mental illness and suicide while living in Alberta, Canada. Later in life, Goodeye was married and had four children but lost her husband to suicide as well. After remarrying and building a business together with her second husband, she again was struck by tragedy when he too committed suicide and destroyed their home by fire in the process.

In her touching memoir, “Seven to Seventy: My Journey Through Time,” Goodeye chronicles her life’s journey in which she found healing and solace through sharing her story. As a result of the devastating loss Goodeye has experienced throughout her life, she discovered a talent for helping others to improve their self-esteem and competency while teaching them how to deal with loss.  Her mission is to help improve the lives of others and hopes her stories will assist readers in understanding the effects of trauma, addiction and suicide and facilitate healing and wellness within them.

“I decided to share my life as I had a lot of healing to do as my second husband was very destructive,” said Goodeye. “My whole life was destroyed when he killed himself and burned down our house. I know suicide grief is hard and I don’t want others to grieve alone as there is still stigma that surrounds it.”

Today, Goodeye continues to ponder questions about suicide, addictions and fundamentalist religion. She also pays respect to Native people as she values the lessons she learned from them and continues to be an advocate, change leader and educator for reconciliation and social justice. Through “Seven to Seventy,” she returns to family and roots to find satisfaction in aging. To learn more, please visit

“Seven to Seventy: My Journey through Time”
By Lavera Goodeye
ISBN: 978-1-4917-1398-3 (sc); 978-1-4917-1400-3 (hc); 978-1-4917-1399-0 (e)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iUniverse 

About the Author
Lavera Goodeye left her rural experience for education in the Alberta, Canada cities of Edmonton and Calgary, preparing for satisfying careers in grief support, adult education, and parenting. She completed her Bachelor of Education at University of Alberta in Edmonton and courses in social work, environmental design, group facilitation and family life education at the University of Calgary. Her marriages offered new opportunities in business and agriculture. She later returned to her original stomping grounds, where she lives close to family and community, writing, gardening, and participating in a seniors’ group in Coronation, Alberta.

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