Experience.com Launched Today - The World’s Most Impactful Customer Experience Platform

San Ramon, CA, Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SocialSurvey, the fastest-growing experience management technology company, today announced it has changed its name to Experience.com to reflect the evolution of the company and the simultaneous launch today of its new Experience Management Platform (XMP). Experience.com will be the new home of the world’s most impactful customer, employee, and product experience platform. 

“In the six years since our team launched our inaugural platform and brand, SocialSurvey, we’ve seen how experiences can accelerate or destroy brand value and reputation,” said Scott Harris, founder and CEO of Experience.com. “Imperfect customer experiences cost businesses more than $75 billion every year. That’s why we have built a game-changing platform that enables customers to impact experiences before they become memories.”

Enterprise companies in all industries struggle to identify, capture, and immediately act on customer feedback at the moment of the critical interactions that their customers and employees experience every day. The inability to react “in the moment” can be catastrophic for a brand’s reputation, and bottom line. 

“Legacy CX is passive, diagnostic and reactive,” said Harris. “The future of CX is real-time data, in motion, so you can change experiences while they happen. We’re not asking the same old question - are customers happy with our brand? We’re reaching out in the moment - during an experience with a particular employee or product, at a specific time, so we can alter and amplify outcomes in real time. Experience is not an abstract concept - it is universally recognized as the #1 driving force behind company success.”

Improved customer experience links to improved reputation, trust, and increased customer revenue. In "How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2020," Forrester Research analysis shows that the largest companies in some industries can earn up to hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue for every 1-point increase in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index.

Simultaneous with the new brand, Experience.com is announcing availability of XMP, its new Experience Management Platform. Initially released to customers’ production environments months ago, and publicly available today, XMP is the only consolidated platform that helps enterprise companies collect experiences at the moment they are happening, connect experiences to the individuals who can correct them in real time, and celebrate those experiences to build brand reputation and trust. XMP’s “Blueprints” technology also stands alone in its ability to allow customers in any market, with any hierarchy and structure, to keep watch on CX at literally all levels of the organization and roll it up the data in meaningful ways. 

“From SocialSurvey’s early roots as a company focused primarily on mortgage and real estate markets, the vision has always been to bring this technology to all enterprise companies. Now as Experience.com, this new platform satisfies the overwhelming demand for a solution that handles the hierarchies that exist in companies of all shapes and sizes,” said Eric Filipek, Managing Director of SavantGrowth. “As early believers and investors in the company, we’re excited to see this vision come to fruition.”

The platform launch and rebrand begins what will be a year of rapid acceleration for Experience.com. The company is planning to expand its workforce and platform features, implementing recently acquired AI and machine learning technology, with a number of acquisitions and partnership announcements planned.

About Experience.com

We believe that experience is everything. Amazing experiences create customers for life, and poor ones destroy brands and businesses. That’s why Experience.com has built the world's most impactful Experience Management Platform (XMP) with features to drive operational and behavioral change, in real-time, during the moments that matter. XMP delivers impactful business outcomes including increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, online reputation and visibility, as well as improved employee engagement, and compliance - making every experience matter more. Founded in 2015 as SocialSurvey, Experience.com is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif. and backed by SavantGrowth (fka Kennet Partners), Silicon Valley Data Capital, Tri-Valley Ventures, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. For more information, visit www.experience.com or call +1 (888) 701 4512.




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