Children Showcase Short Stories on Bullying and Animal Rights in Debut Book

After a year away from the classroom, a family of children create moving short stories on lessons they learned during their time away featured in “Gifted Lies: A Series of Short Stories”

Manchester, U.K., Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Gifted Lies: A Series of Short Stories” authored and illustrated by siblings Thaain, 16, Hadi, 15, Azaan, 11, and Shiza Zahid, eight, illuminates how creativity can sprout in beautiful ways when children and young adults put technology aside and embrace the excitement of the world around them. “Gifted Lies” is a compilation of short stories covering topics such as bullying, relationships, nature, and animal rights through the lens of children absorbing life lessons on their journey to adulthood.

To keep their children away from the toxicity of social media and teach them the simple pleasures of working hard, growing closer as a family, and accomplishing creatives feats, the children’s parents pulled the kids from school and took them to Pakistan for a year of learning with the world as their classroom. When the children returned to the United Kingdom, their creativity was blooming, and the need to express it was overflowing. The children continued to overlook social media and technology as a means of entertainment and instead looked to each other to create stories of places, people, and mythical creatures inspired by their travels.

“Children are spending far too much time on electronic media and read very little. ‘Gifted Lies’ will inspire children to read and write more. It also carries good messages about relationships between friends and family,” Dr. Zahid said.

As Coronavirus cases surge globally, a new way of life has emerged for families with children. With kids spending more time at home, utilizing technology for nearly all aspects of their learning has become the standard. “Gifted Lies” serves as a prime example for children and their parents as to how technology can hinder a child’s need to express themselves healthfully, and how working together with their siblings or other children on creative projects can prompt meaningful conversations about being kind and caring for one another. 

“Gifted Lies a Series of Short Stories”

By Thaain Zahid, Hadi Zahid, Azaan Zahid & Shiza Zahid

ISBN: 9781665581813 (softcover); 9781665581806 (electronic)

Available at the AuthorHouse Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

About the author

The Zahid family left the United Kingdom to learn about life outside of the classroom in Pakistan where their mother, also a teacher, and father taught them priceless lessons about the inner workings of the world with daily trips to parks, museums, and more. After their return to the United Kingdom, the children collaborated to create their debut work “Gifted Lies: A Series of Short Stories”. Dr. Zahid’s children and authors of “Gifted Lives” include Thaain, 16, who is doing A levels in college; Hadi, 15, who is undertaking his GCSE's at a secondary school; Azaan, 11, who is in year seven of secondary school; and Shiza, eight, who is currently year four in primary school. The family resides in Manchester, England.


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