Sanukibussan Co.,Ltd Launches “Udon from the Udon Prefecture” in the United States

Sanukibussan Co.,Ltd introduces one of its products, Udon from the Udon Prefecture, to the United States with effect from January 1st, 2021. The Japanese company has decided to launch this 100% Sanuki no Yume for consumers to access ease. 

Kanonji-shi, JAPAN

Kanonji-shi, Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  - As a food company with more than 40 years of industry experience and operation in the Japanese landscape, Sanuki Bussan understands the nitty-gritty of producing healthy food that is 100% made from wheat.

The company has put everything in place to launch in the US in January 2021. Since its establishment in 1978, Sanuki Bussan, Co has been manufacturing and distributing dried noodles with Sanuki Udon as the vital product all over Japan and some other countries of the world.

The Japanese food company has so many products to its name, but the first to be introduced to the United States is Udon from the Udon Prefecture. The product is exclusively made from Sanuki no Yume, a type of wheat produced in Kagawa Prefecture, also used to make Sanuki Udon.

The new product was carefully produced through the traditional method, where the dough is stretched out and cut into noodles after it has been left to age for some time. The Udon from the Udon Prefecture has a very rich wheat flavor, tough bite, and an elegant and smooth mouthfeel.

“Udon from the Udon Prefecture” product was born due to the company’s desire to produce delicious Udon noodles made locally in Sanuki, unlike every other type of noodles made with foreign wheat from Australia. Hence, Sanukibussan Co.,Ltd tried to make the first version of Udon in 2000 through so many trials and errors at the Agricultural Experimental Station in Kagawa Prefecture.

The company finally got it all right in 2009, and that gave birth to the second-generation variety of Sanuki no Yume. The Udon from the Udon Prefecture that is being launched into the US is 100% locally made from Sanuki with lots of health benefits.

Though more than 85% of dried Udon on the market are made with foreign wheat, Udon from the Udon Prefecture is thoroughly manufactured from local Sanuki in Kagawa Prefecture.

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About Sanukibussan Co.,Ltd

Established in 1978.

Manufacturer and distributor of dried noodles with Sanuki Udon as the key product.

Has sales channels all over Japan and other countries. 

Main products include “Udon from the Udon Prefecture” which uses 100% wheat from Kagawa Prefecture, “Sanuki Udon Made Using Domestically Produced Wheat” which uses 100% wheat from Japan, as well as “Premium Shodoshima Hand-Pulled Somen” and “Premium Handa Hand-Pulled Somen” which are made using 100% wheat from Hokkaido.

Company Profile

Company Name: Sanukibussan Co.,Ltd

Address: 1350 Hagiwara, Onohara-Cho, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa Prefecture

Representative: President and CEO Michiaki Yuge

Date of Establishment: August 1978

Business Area: Manufacture and sale of dried noodles


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