New memoir tells a compelling story of faith and determination in the face of life’s challenges

Eleanor Riley recounts her inspiring journey in ‘Rungs On My Ladder’

NEW YORK, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New release “Rungs On My Ladder” (published by Trafford Publishing) from Eleanor Riley tells the story of a rural Jamaican girl who defied all odds to triumphantly emerge as a successful author, songwriter, singer and first lady of a thriving ministry.


This collection of compelling autobiographical scenes in the author’s life, encased in her memoir, speak to the fact that in every human being, there is a void that can only be filled by God. Here, Riley recounts her experiences from childhood to present to show how “we can always go to a higher rung on our Ladder as we ride out the storms.” This life testimony brings together a significant tender message of hope, determination and faith from her pen to her readers.


“My story can be an inspiration to many, showing them that there is always another rung which accompanies new mercies from God every day,” Riley says. “I want readers to take away courage, strength, perseverance and be spiritually motivated. The concept is, if I can survive and thrive so can you.”


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“Rungs On My Ladder”

By Eleanor Riley

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 176 pages | ISBN 9781698704838

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 176 pages | ISBN 9781698704814

E-Book | 176 pages | ISBN 9781698704821

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About the Author

Eleanor Riley is a Caribbean American gospel singer who has won numerous awards across the world. She is also an author. She was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, to St. Verlie and Gwendolyn Ridgeway, the second of nine children. Riley began her solo recording career with the instant classic “From the Setback.” This CD was released in 1998 and earned her several accolades and worldwide recognition. Riley followed up the success of her first album with 11 other sensational gospel albums. She resides in New York with her husband, Apostle Dr. Cecil G. Riley. They are the proud parents of two beautiful and talented girls: Elizabeth and Esther. They currently pastor at the headquarters of the Freedom Hall Church of God in Brooklyn, New York. Riley spends a predominance of her time evangelizing the world through the Word and song. In addition to singing and preaching, she has authored two books: “Rungs on my Ladder,” a compelling memoir of faith, and the novel “Out of Evil” which has been endorsed as a must-read for all.

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