This book serves as a gentle and definitive guide towards people making a stronger connection with the soul

Troy Devine announces the release of ‘The Soul’s Path: A Book for Impactors, Great and Small’

BUDERIM, Australia, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “I see people frustrated and unfulfilled with their current life path, so I feel called to work with those who are ready to IMPACT with their individual GIFT. After interviewing and working with thousands of people worldwide to better understand how to unleash our personal potential, I have come to discover the secrets of massive inner transformation. In my experience, I have witnessed many people struggling in their minds, so now I feel called to guide people back to their soul calling. Besides, I too was trapped in my mind for a number of years, that’s until I discovered the inner success secrets explained in this book.” Troy Devine states.


“The Soul’s Path: A Book for Impactors, Great and Small” (published by Balboa Press AU) is a gentle and definitive guide towards people making a stronger connection with the soul, allowing them to move lovingly beyond fear, worry and frustration and into a life, filled with courage, commitment and kindness.


“In a time of overwhelm, distraction and isolation, the existential crisis is at an all-time high for those looking for a greater meaning in life. This book calls those individuals ready to hear the message to explore their unique and individual gift in life so they can contribute and impact in their own valuable ways,” Devine says.


“The Soul’s Path: A Book for Impactors, Great and Small” aims for readers to have a greater sense of empowerment, self-love and a great amount of courage to explore the unknown within. This book is like a universal fuel that is required to illuminate the pathway of the soul. For more details about the book, please visit


“The Soul’s Path: A Book for Impactors, Great and Small”

By Troy Devine

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 178 pages | ISBN 9781504324083

E-Book | 178 pages | ISBN 9781504324090

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Troy Devine is Australian self-help and spiritual author. He is a natural born leader who is driven to explore everything life has to offer. His energy, knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious, and he delivers a powerful presence. He has a gentle and caring aura; he provides a comfortable space for people to open up and find the courage they require to find greatness. Founding a life academy that offers a safe and inspiring place for individuals to explore how to define, harness and share their gifts. His vulnerability definitely allows others to trust and be themselves. His gift is to help others find theirs and embrace it to the full. As a thought leader, he is here to educate those that are ready to learn and grow. As an educator, therapist, advisor and mentor, he loves empowering others to be the best they can be.

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