Secure Technology Alliance Reports Momentum in Mobile Driver’s License Initiative with Strong Participation in Four-part Webinar Series

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Secure Technology Alliance announced today that it saw record attendance throughout its mobile driver’s license and ecosystem webinar series. This achievement highlights strong momentum in 2020 in its mDL initiative to raise awareness, support development, accelerate adoption and educate the U.S. market on the technology and applications for state-issued mDLs.

The series, focused on the impact mDLs will have on identity verification as more states adopt the technology, achieved 982 registrations with 594 unique individuals. An impressive 77% of registrants attended across the series, including state and national government professionals, relying parties and industry suppliers. Additionally, 20 state organizations participated in the series, showing that interest in the technology reaches broadly across the U.S.

“This high rate of attendance and engagement emphasizes that interest in mDLs is rising, from issuing authorities to relying parties and suppliers,” said Jason Bohrer, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance. “The Alliance’s mDL initiative has helped to drive this momentum, and implementation and education on this technology continue to be a priority for us in 2021. We are grateful for the leadership and participation from members in helping us shape a secure mobile ID ecosystem, and welcome participation from the industry as we further propel adoption.”

A diverse spectrum of members and relying parties came together to share and influence mDL efforts, one of the most meaningful opportunities in the identity ecosystem. Recordings of all four webinars are available at

The Secure Technology Alliance has additional resources available to provide education and implementation guidance around mDLs, including:

  • mDL FAQ – an introductory guide to mDLs
  • What is an mDL? – a resource on the basic elements of mDLs, examples of mDL use scenarios and benefits of using the technology
  • – a knowledge center offering a wide range of market and audience content on the technology, its applications, diverse market use cases and mDL implementation status
  • The Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) and Ecosystem” – a white paper that answers essential questions around the standards, features and uses of an mDL

Member-driven activities and priorities for 2021 are developing and provide valuable opportunities for new members to participate. For those interested in becoming involved in building the privacy-enhancing mobile ID ecosystem and defining the acceptance and use of mDLs for relying parties, join the Secure Technology Alliance. Visit

About the Secure Technology Alliance
The Secure Technology Alliance is the digital security industry’s premier association. The Alliance brings together leading providers and adopters of end-to-end security solutions designed to protect privacy and digital assets in payments, mobile, identity and access, healthcare, transportation and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

The Alliance’s mission is to stimulate understanding, adoption and widespread application of connected digital solutions based on secure chip and other technologies and systems needed to protect data, enable secure authentication and facilitate commerce.

The Alliance is driven by its U.S.-focused member companies. They collaborate by sharing expertise and industry best practices through industry and technology councils, focused events, educational resources, industry outreach, advocacy, training and certification programs. Through participation in the breadth of Alliance activities, members strengthen personal and organizational networks and take away the insights to build the business strategies needed to commercialize secure products and services in this dynamic environment.

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Adrian Loth and Dana Kringel
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