Acro and Venn Launch Innovative Partnership to Better Connect Neighbors and Neighborhoods

Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acro, one of Israel’s leading real estate companies, is announcing today a ground-breaking new partnership with Venn, the world’s only platform and experience company focused exclusively on neighborhoods. Merging Venn’s world-class technology and expertise with Acro’s portfolio of leading properties, Venn residents in Tel Aviv will now have access to the most innovative home and neighborhood experience on the market, empowering them to create deeper connections with their communities.

Residents across all of Acro’s Venn-powered communities in Tel Aviv will have new ways to meet and connect; new physical spaces to extend their homes; new virtual and physical markets that support local businesses; and a wide array of events programmed by Venn’s community experts. And all of it will be accessed and managed by Venn’s powerful member app, a single touchpoint that combines all residents’ home, building, and neighborhood needs.

“Acro is the perfect partner to bring the Venn experience to more parts of Tel Aviv,” said Or Bokobza, co-founder and CEO of Venn. “They care deeply about the resident experience, and understand that helping foster connections among neighbors creates more vibrant communities. We’re excited to partner with Acro as it expands its portfolio of leading properties, giving more people more ways to build their neighborhood.”

“Residents’ expectations have undergone a massive shift,” according to Naama Peled-Raz, Acro’s Head of Marketing. “People don’t buy homes just because of amenities anymore. They want stronger connections to the thriving neighborhoods around them. We’re proud to partner with Venn to make that a reality.”

This new partnership will span Acro’s newest communities, beginning with The Yard and The Golf developments in Tel Aviv, effective immediately. In the coming years, it will potentially involve millions in Acro investment and expand to thousands of units. While Venn continues to grow in its existing markets in Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Brooklyn, the company also has plans for further expansion in the U.S. in 2021. For more information about Venn and its neighborhoods, please visit

About Acro Real Estate
Recognized as one of Israel's foremost real estate companies, Acro Real Estate primarily focuses on the construction and improvement of large-scale projects in high demand areas. The company is able to draw on many years of extensive experience in initiating and establishing a wide range of upscale residential, office, commercial, and hotel projects. Acro Real Estate is helmed by an impressive team of leading professionals who have ensured the company's continued success over the years. The company has pioneered a range of monumental developments that have transformed the face of the city and become iconic architectural landmarks in their own right. Acro Real Estate's shareholders include the prominent Phoenix insurance group, which provides Acro with solid financial backing and dependable economic strength. Acro Real Estate is now seeking to consolidate its enviable position at the very pinnacle of the real estate field, while simultaneously ensuring uncompromising quality together with exceptional planning and implementation throughout every project.

About Venn
Founded in 2017, Venn is the world’s only platform and experience company focused entirely on neighborhoods. Merging best-in-class digital products, trained community experts, and inviting physical spaces, Venn promotes real-world connections between neighbors and neighborhoods from Brooklyn to Berlin and Tel Aviv, creating greater Belonging for members and stronger business for partners and communities.

Venn has raised more than $40M in venture capital from top-tier investors and is expanding aggressively around the world. For more information, please visit

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