Talladega College Selects Draganfly to Provide its Vital Intelligence Technology

Vital Intelligence’s Vital Sign Screening 
Detects Potential Symptoms of COVID-19

Los Angeles, CA., Feb. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Draganfly Inc. (OTCQB: DFLYF) (CSE: DFLY) (FSE: 3U8) (“Draganfly” or the “Company”), an award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions and systems developer, today announced that Talladega College has selected Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Vital assessment platform, Vital Signs Assessment Stations and Social Distancing awareness technologies to be used campus-wide to detect potential symptoms of COVID-19.

Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Vital assessment platform along with the Safely Opening Schools™ protocol provides a quick, non-invasive (contactless) and anonymous measurement of an elevated body temperature and, with voluntary consent, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and O2 saturation, all from a camera that takes seconds to capture. The Social Distancing Awareness unit ensures compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Talladega College, Alabama's first private historically black liberal arts college, has been known for academic excellence for over 153 years. Talladega recently constructed three new facilities and launched its first-ever graduate program. The institution has enjoyed record-high enrollment increases for three consecutive years. It is listed among the Princeton Review's Best Colleges in the Southeast; US News & World Report's best national liberal arts colleges, best HBCUs, and Top Performers on Social Mobility; and Kiplinger's Best Value colleges and universities. Kiplinger named Talladega the second-best college in the nation for "low average graduating debt" in 2019. Talladega College has agreed to purchase and install 2 Smart Thermal and Vital Sign Assessment units and 1 Social Distancing Awareness units to be stationed across the campus and accessible by its staff, faculty and 1,300-plus students.

"Talladega College is committed to maintaining a safe environment for our students, faculty, and staff. We conducted extensive research during the early stages of the pandemic and invested heavily in state-of-the-art health and safety equipment and materials recommended by trusted healthcare authorities. We have left no stone unturned in our effort to keep our campus community safe throughout the pandemic," said Talladega College President Dr. Billy C. Hawkins. "The technology solution that Draganfly offers will enhance the extensive protocols we already have in place." 

“We are excited that Talladega College has chosen Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence to supplement their health protocols across their campus,” said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. “We look forward to working with their amazing leadership team and providing, in addition to assessment and distancing technology, real-time anonymous data as to the overall health of the campus which has previously not been available.”

The Smart Vital assessment platform, with voluntary consent, vital signs including but not limited to heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and blood oxygen content (SpO2‎). The system does not register any personal data of the individual being screened. The Smart Vital assessment platform and Social Distancing units are North American made and owned.

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