Ugandan Author Pens Novel to Provide Record of Experiences and Challenges of Living in Africa in the Last 60 Years Since Independence

‘Faded Flowers’ by Timothy Etoori presents a journey through the turbulent history of Uganda during military coups, rebel insurgency and social violence

KAMPALA, Uganda., Feb. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As news surrounding the elections in Uganda have circulated the world, Ugandan-born author, Timothy Etoori, help’s shed light on the turbulent history the country has faced over the last 60 years. In his novel, “Faded Flowers,” Etoori chronicles what life has been like in an African country that has experienced coups and turbulence while providing snapshots of Uganda’s history. The novel reminds the old of their experiences and informs the youth of their history as well as providing the rest of the world with a better understanding of their circumstances.

“Faded Flowers” tells the story of events from the coup of Idi Amin to the years of later regimes through two separate points of view: John, a member of the armed forces, and Robert, a victim who experiences the violence. Readers are first introduced to Robert, who is struggling to come to terms with bereavement and poverty. However, this road of pain leads him to a life of fulfillment as a minister in the church while providing a snapshot of the vibrancy of the African evangelical churches. John is a school dropout who after joining the army’s military intelligence, and later serving in a brutal rebel army after the government is overthrown, eventually sets up an operation of organized crime while leading a double life with his love, Sarah. As the paths of these two men cross, John finally begins to find a sense of peace and belonging.

“There are few novels about Uganda reflecting its turbulent history,” stated Etoori. “As a result, Ugandan’s have little institutional memory and the implication is that inside, and even outside the country, there is little literature to provide a sense of the experience of living in this country with its violent history.”

According to the World Population Review, the Uganda age structure is skewed toward the younger generations with the median age of 15.8 years old as 48.7% of Uganda’s population is between the 0-14-year-old age group while only 2.04% of the population is 65 or older. Etoori hopes “Faded Flowers” will help to present a part of the history of Uganda and continue to inform generations to come.

Reviewers have praised Etoori’s novel, including Suzanne Gattis from the Pacific Book Review stating, “I definitely recommend this book to readers liking to push the envelope of diversity and location, while enjoying the power of faith” and a reviewer from The US Review of Books stated, “Etoori introduces his tale with such lovely and emotionally rich verse.”

“Faded Flowers”
By Timothy Etoori
ISBN: 978-1-5049-3486-2 (Soft Cover); 978-1-5049-3485-5 (Hard Cover); 978-1-5049-3487-9 (eReader)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AuthorHouse 
The audiobook will be available for purchase later this year through Amazon, Overdrive, Audible, & iTunes

About the author
Born and raised in Uganda, Timothy Etoori has lived and worked there all his life. He has traveled to several countries in Africa and to the United Kingdom. His journey in writing began in 1993 when he submitted his poetry to the New Vision newspaper for publication in the poetry corner section of the Sunday Vision and subsequently had seven poems published with them. Etoori created an anthology of these poems and more in his soothing book of poetry “Visions of Glory” as well as published an inspirational Christian book titled “Eternal Ways.” In addition to writing, Etoori is a professional accountant in Kampala, Uganda, and is the father to three beautiful daughters and one son. To learn more, please visit Etoori’s Facebook page.

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