StarNews Mobile Partners with U.S. Entertainment Network Black & Sexy TV to Offer First American Entertainment Series to Africa

Over 400M smartphone users in Africa will be able to stream Black & Sexy TV’s exclusive series, Sexless, via StarNews Mobile at an affordable price

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, StarNews Mobile, the leading mobile video network allowing celebrities and brands to monetize their fan bases in Africa, announced its partnership with Black & Sexy TV marking the alliance as the first U.S. entertainment network to join the platform. StarNews Mobile will stream Black & Sexy TV’s Sexless series to mobile users in Africa. StarNews Mobile has partnered with MTN Group Limited, a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, to deliver mobile users the entertainment they love.

The partnership between StarNews Mobile and Black & Sexy TV brings American content to StarNews mobile users for the first time, at an affordable price. StarNews Mobile users receive a code to their mobile device from MTN that allows the user to subscribe and stream channels and new episodes on their mobile devices without having to utilize their data.

“We have enjoyed servicing a small, yet mighty and highly engaged subscriber base in several African countries. Their biggest ask was always when we would start to distribute our premium content in their local markets, so it's energizing to finally deliver on this demand,” said Dennis Dortch Co-Founder and CEO of Black & Sexy TV.

Black & Sexy TV is an independent, black-owned and operated American entertainment and lifestyle network focused on young, progressive, Black audiences. Prior to partnering with StarNews Mobile, Black & Sexy TV was only available to U.S. users via internet streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Android, and IOS apps.

“Mobile users in Africa have significantly less access to entertainment due to expensive data plans and lacking content tailored to their region,” said Guy Kamgaing, Founder and CEO of StarNews Mobile. “With the addition of Black & Sexy TV to our network, not only is this the first time we have released U.S. entertainment in South Africa, but it is also the first time we have released serialized content on the continent. We are now offering fans previously unattainable content that they love and want. We’re excited to expand our partnerships and project huge growth in the next few months.”

The StarNews Mobile and Black & Sexy TV partnership will stream season one of Sexless, an American series that follows four female friends as they take on love, romantic expectations, intimacy and friendships while abstaining from sex. Javicia Leslie, the first Black Batwoman, stars in later episodes within the Sexless universe, which are anticipated to join the platform at a later date. Additionally, StarNews Mobile users will have access to 45 exclusive episodes of the series.

StarNews Mobile users streaming Black & Sexy TV will only be billed weekly for the series. Subscribers opt-in to their favorite channel, receive a notification with a link and simply click on the link to stream the video.

“We are excited as well to experiment with using fun, bit-sized episode formats that are more appropriate for the highly mobile forward consumption habits of these audiences. It has been a long time dream for us to make a stronger connection to our people across the African Diaspora, and we are honored to be the first U.S. content partner with StarNews,” said Dortch.

Black & Sexy TV will be available on StarNews Mobile in Nigeria in Q1 2021.

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About Black & Sexy TV
Black & Sexy TV is an entertainment and lifestyle network that has coined the phrase Independent TV while creating a slate of programming focused on a young, progressive, Black audience who seek a truer reflection of their modern culture. The brand is a spin-off venture from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival darling, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy directed by Dennis Dortch, distributed by Magnolia Pictures and licensed by Showtime and Netflix. Dennis Dortch CEO, runs the network.

After 3 years of offering free programming on their YouTube Channel, the network launched their monthly paid subscription service BLACK&SEXY TV (Premium), utilizing Vimeo as the tech backbone. Exclusive series, movies, and special footage is offered at $6.99/month.

About StarNews Mobile
StarNews Mobile is a network of mobile video channels that allows celebrities and brands to monetize their fan bases in Africa, the world’s fastest growing mobile market. StarNews Mobile works with popular local and international stars in South Africa and The Ivory Coast to create exclusive and addictive short videos that fans are eager to pay for.

With strong distribution and marketing partnerships with pan-African mobile operators such as MTN, Orange and Moov, relationship with local African artists, and seamless monetization offering through micro-payments, StarNews has built a service that excels in its simplicity, affordability and content appeal.

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