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New York City, USA, Feb. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whether you’ve been in the music industry for a while or you’re starting, there’s one thing you must’ve realized is that Spotify Playlist Placements and Submission has completely revolutionized the method of organic promotion in the music industry. 
While the traditional methods like, press release, blog release, etc., might still be there, they have been sidelined by playlist submission and placement. 

What are Spotify playlist placements? 

Spotify Playlist Placement is the process of pitching your tracks for placement on playlists of your genre and target audience preference. Once the playlist curators select your song, they start the process and place it on the right playlist so that your track gets maximum visibility. 

How to Submit Your Song to Spotify Playlists and Independent Spotify playlist curators?

Spotify Playlist submission is done broadly in two ways:-

  1. Submitting your song directly to Spotify
  2. Pitching your song to independent curators

How to Submit your Music to Independent Spotify Playlist curators?

Independent curators are individuals who curate playlists on audio-platforms, These curators have a strong following base on these platforms as well as on social media. They create genre-specific playlists for listeners of various demographics depending upon their follower base. 

How to pitch to Spotify Independent playlist curators? 
Spotify playlist submissions to these independent curators can be done by two ways:

  1. Pitch over website: The most common way to pitch them your tracks is by submitting them over the curators’ website. All the top curators have their websites and usually prefer that artists pitch them the tracks there themselves. Here, some curators also recommend submitting tracks through a third-party platform.

  1. Pitch over email: The second most preferred method is to reach out to these curators and share your tracks over email. Some curators prefer the email method and you can find their official email addresses on their websites and other social media accounts. 

However, cold pitching can be a tedious task. This is because curators get thousands of cold emails every day and grabbing their attention over email requires an artist to be extremely creative with the subject line and introduction. To increase the chances of success of your outreach campaign, You can use Trackpomoter’s Spotify Playlist Placement and submission services. We have a network of big playlist curators and can pitch your tracks to some of the biggest and reputed Spotify Playlists directly, along with the promotion of your music through Press Releases, Instagram Influencers, Email Campaigns, etc. to further enhance your promotional efforts. 

Why is Getting Spotify playlist placements important?

Securing a place in the right playlist can be a game-changer for any artist. The world is moving to audio-only platforms like Spotify. Thus, getting your track placed through the right Spotify playlist strategy is utterly important. However, thanks to millions of new tracks being released every week, it can get tough to get your track or album noticed by the masses. This is where playlists come into the picture and save the deal for you. Submit your tracks to them, once approved, they’ll add them to appropriate playlists depending upon the genre and ensure your music gets reach, plays, and likes they promise. 

How Does Trackpromoters Spotify Playlist Placements Services Work?

When you submit your tracks, their experts listen to each song and review it. Our Team creates a promotional campaign depending upon the mood and genre of the tracks. Then starts the process of playlist placement. We share your track with their network of independent curators who further place your song on their playlist and present it before the desired target audience. 

Within a few days itself, you’ll have visible results of their promotional activities. Your song will start getting significant plays and like, which will eventually increase your follower count as well. These playlists will give your tracks the right exposure to grow your listener base. 
Once the campaigns are over, you will also get a detailed promotional report for your Spotify playlist submissions which includes direct links to playlists, blogs, etc, and actual figures/ numbers depicting successful promotional efforts.  

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