Bestselling Author, Military Leader, and Combat Veteran Explains How to Make Aspirations Attainable in New Book

“What's In Your Box? Designing the Life You Want” by Dr. Linda L. Singh showcases how attitude is everything when it comes to accomplishing goals and overcoming obstacles

Bowie, Md., Feb. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When moving on to bigger, better things, people store what is worth bringing with them in a box and part from the rest of the “junk” that holds them back. “What's In Your Box? Designing the Life You Want” by Dr. Linda L. Singh is a personal development guide that explains how boxes are used to store and organize things with meaning and purpose. She then highlights how goals and accomplishments should be stored similarly for easy access when opportunities arise. By defining what is important to “box up” and what can be left behind, readers will have the opportunity to purge what may be worsening their attitude and contributing to unproductive behavior and push themselves closer to realizing their potential.

Dr. Singh’s approach to organizing and determining what is important to success makes complex and seemingly unattainable goals approachable. “What’s In Your Box” is truly a unique guide to simplifying and organizing the steps to changing one’s life for the better.


While this self-development guide describes how to organize achievements and dreams, it is also a useful tool for women to promote their accomplishments and achieve their goals, especially in male-dominated fields and learn how to lean into their accomplishments when fending for themselves in competitive environments. Dr. Singh’s insight derives from her experience as a combat veteran and Major General in the military, where she created the nation’s first all-female leadership team for the state National Guard.


“You need to examine your beliefs and values, your action and behaviors, and your intentions to determine if they are in alignment with one another. If they are not then they may not be serving you well in your journey towards success,” Dr. Singh said.


In this time of chaos COVID-19 has prompted, people are looking for ways to make sense of the world and find inspiration to turn quarantine into a positive, impactful experience. By utilizing the tools Dr. Singh presents in her book, readers will be well on their way to living life in a time of chaos unhindered to accomplish their goals and put good back into the world when it needs it most.


“What's In Your Box? Designing the Life You Want”

By Dr. Linda L. Singh

ISBN: 9781480893849 (softcover); 9781480893832 (hardcover); 9781480893856 (electronic)

Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Dr. Linda L. Singh is an expert in leadership and personal development with over 38 years of experience coaching leaders, individuals, and teams through obstacles that impact their forward progression in their careers and personal lives. Singh, a former Major General, is a combat veteran, author of the Amazon bestseller “Moments of Choice: My Path to Leadership” and appeared on the TODAY Show for her history-making, all-female state National Guard leadership team. Singh has a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. She is a wife and mother and currently resides in Bowie, Maryland.




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