RainFocus Engagement Dashboard Offers a Shared View of Success for Events and Marketing Teams

LEHI, Utah, Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RainFocus, the leading event marketing and management platform, publicly announced the release of its Engagement Dashboard (available to customers) which gives events and marketing teams a shared view of their event success. 

The RainFocus Engagement Dashboard is the only one of its kind in the events industry. Based on a comprehensive benchmark study of 1000+ marquee events, RainFocus has gathered a robust database of 84+ metrics across four categories that define the value and impact of events: event ROI, event operations, event engagement, and sponsorship ROI. RainFocus has broken out the benchmarks by delivery format (virtual or physical) and attendance size: tier 1 (5,000+ attendees), tier 2 (1,000-5,000 attendees), and tier 3 (less than 1,000 attendees).

“The pivot from physical to virtual event delivery has highlighted the need for events and marketing teams to demonstrate impact now more than ever,” explains CEO, JR Sherman. “Events represent the largest spend within marketing budgets, yet they also represent the least measured and quantifiable marketing effort. Our Engagement Dashboard guides teams to act based on comprehensive event data as opposed to instinct or at best, last year's results.”  

The metrics are available to RainFocus customers in a slick, easy-to-use interface that enables events and marketing teams to realize competitive advantages and respond nimbly to opportunities—from increasing audience engagement to conversion rate optimization. With so little knowledge of virtual events, the Engagement Dashboard enables teams to drive strategic and tactical changes informed by real-time insights, performance benchmarks, and peer comparisons. The dashboard also lays the foundation for understanding engagement at hybrid events with comparable data for virtual and physical events. 

To date, RainFocus clients have leveraged the Engagement Dashboard to deliver virtual experiences to over 2.5 million attendees with 6.5 million virtual sessions. By having historical data from physical events and virtual event data in the RainFocus Platform, teams were able to easily compare attendee engagement across multiple events. In addition to real-time insights on registration, popular sessions, lead capture, and conversion rates, they were able to track the achievement of key success indicators. Teams have realized a 4-6x increase in audience size and are able to store all content consumption data and preferences in a global attendee record which will carry over from event to event. 

Best practices for measuring event success were provided at RainFocus INSIGHT (January 19-21). Register for INSIGHT and watch Event Benchmarks and Strategies for Powering Success in 2021 for more details.  

About RainFocus

RainFocus is a next-generation event marketing platform built from the ground up to capture, analyze, and harness an unprecedented amount of data for significantly better events and conferences. As a true SaaS platform, RainFocus simplifies event registration, content management, exhibitor activation, and on-demand experiences from a single dashboard. Save time, increase engagement, and maximize event value for every event.


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