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NEW YORK, Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Learn how to promote music on Instagram++, YouTube music, Spotify, Apple music google play music, Apple music, google music, Vevo and Deezer.

This is a Music Promotion and Music Marketing Guide so musicians can learn How to Promote their Music Via Spotify promotion, Spotify Playlist Placement, Spotify Playlist Submission and How Music Promotion Is Done via Spotify Web Player, Google Play Music, Spotify For Artists, Instagram, Youtube Music, Apple Music for Artists, Deezer And Free Music Downloads

Popularity is essential for the success of an artist. Unless people know them, how would they recognize their talent?

Considering this fact, in recent years, many music promotion services have entered the market to help singers and musicians promote their songs. Many artists utilize these services as they help them in two significant ways. First, they help them increase their fan base, and the second important thing is the cash that follows popularity. This cash they could invest in expanding their setup and doing more music projects.

However, at the same time, many scams are looming over the music industry. The people behind this bad business get the money from the clients and do not promote their compositions. So, if you are an artist and planning to get help from a promotional company, make sure you land in the right place so you don’t get scammed. In this regard, we talked to a promotional company Bestseller Market to unveil more details about this business. Digging into the details and exposing some potential fraud associated with this line of business. The company said it is essential for the musicians to thoroughly investigate services and opt for it if it is organic with proof of work and endorsed by clients.

“It is necessary for the artists to make sure that they are using an organic service, preferably the one which is endorsed by the clients.
Before opting in for a music promotion service, you must be familiar with the promotional procedure so you don't get your music deleted from streaming platforms,” said David Lopez at Bestseller Market.

Consider the example of Spotify playlist promotion, so many companies will take money from musicians and promise them that they will submit their music to playlist curators which they will never do but at the end of the campaign, they will come up with a fake report telling the musician that all the submission was denied by playlist curators. Most times, the musicians are disappointed and will go back to the studio feeling that they are not talented enough whereas the problem was that their promoter scammed them or did a very bad music promotion job.

At bestseller market, the procedure is very different, advanced and the first of its kind. Since bestseller market is a keyword analytic company, they have scraped the internet for all the big Spotify playlist curators and re-verified their playlists. They have also taken off curators with fake listeners and bots from their email list. What they do is they help musicians compose a professional custom pitch, send out this pitch to over three thousand playlist curators and redirect the replies to the musician’s personal email so that the musicians can talk directly with these curators and the curators will state their objections if any. Most importantly, Curators would never know that a 3rd party reached out to them on your behalf, they will believe you did the hard work of looking for their contact yourself which will automatically increase the number of approvals you get.

David from Bestseller market stated that musicians must realize that after playlist placement approval, some curators might ask for a donation via Paypal to maintain their playlist. It is just like building your Instagram up to 100k organic followers, would you accept every repost request for free? I am sure you won't as you would rather deny all free repost requests because it took you years of hard work to get to that level. Paypal is a recommended way to send donations so you can also dispute if you are not getting any engagement from their playlist plus it turns you from a beggar to a respected business partner.

David also advised musicians not to join the Spotify rat race of trying to build your monthly listeners every month. He feels that this is a trick by Spotify to keep you working hard as slaves to get them traffic that will subscribe to their service while they pay you peanuts.

Remember that before Spotify and other music streaming services, you existed as a musician and a human being. Let bestseller market solve all your music promotion problems so you can focus on life, job, family and your growth as a human being.


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