Diamanti Central Launches Free Trials Enabling Customers to Test Drive Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes Software

21-Day Trial Brings Transformative Power of Kubernetes to the Enterprise

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diamanti, the company that streamlines Kubernetes applications and data management for global enterprises, today announced a free, 21-day trial of Diamanti Spektra and Diamanti Ultima through its customer portal, Diamanti Central.

Diamanti prepares businesses for changing needs by connecting Kubernetes resources across on-premises and cloud environments, delivering a secure and resilient modern application platform across a hybrid cloud. Through the free hosted trials, interested enterprise users have the ability to experience Diamanti’s software with no upfront costs, through a simple and convenient portal.

According to 451 Research1, more than half of organizations use containers actively, 42% use Kubernetes, and 56% use containers for stateful applications. These figures demonstrate the rapidly changing application infrastructure market and underscore why demand is high for products like Diamanti Spektra and Diamanti Ultima.

"Enterprises are seeking new, innovative ways to deliver products and services to end users, and these methods require substantial change," said Tom Barton, CEO, Diamanti. "We believe Kubernetes is the best path forward for these modernization efforts, but it needs to work wherever the business is invested. By providing organizations with a turnkey trial of our platform, we hope to show the transformative power of Kubernetes in a hybrid cloud and give decision makers a first-hand look at a platform that supports change and alignment with dynamic business goals."

Customers can leverage the 21-day trials through Diamanti Central, which also contains a library full of helpful documentation, Helm charts, featured applications and have access to customer support.

Through the trial, customers can explore the benefits of Ultima, a multi-cloud Kubernetes data plane management solution. Ultima delivers a container-optimized storage layer with integrated data services. Ultima empowers enterprises to:

  • Migrate and failover stateful applications between on-premises and cloud clusters while maintaining persistent data.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding or minimizing cloud provider charges for backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and multi-zone availability capabilities.
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of new and existing infrastructure, dramatically reducing costs and simplifying operations.

Users also have the ability to try out Spektra, a turnkey solution for multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes. Spektra enables secure multi-tenancy for both enterprises and service providers managing multiple user groups across multiple environments. Free trial users have access to features including:

  • Multi-cloud/multi-cluster management to create a Kubernetes cluster and map to an existing or new project
  • Application lifecycle management to deploy, monitor and view application status across multiple environments as well as set up disaster recovery policies
  • Explore a library of objects (Helm charts and Kubernetes operators) for common data-intensive applications and easily migrate the preferred objects in a deployment.

For more information or to register for free trials visit Diamanti Central at diamanti.io.

About Diamanti

Diamanti is solving the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with the best enterprise-optimized platform for managing Kubernetes applications and data. Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform enables enterprises to adopt and expand Kubernetes rapidly on-premises and in the cloud, with security, high availability, and resilience built-in. Based in San Jose, California, Diamanti is backed by venture investors ClearSky, CRV, Engineering Capital, Goldman Sachs, GSR Ventures, Northgate Capital, Threshold Ventures (formerly DFJ Venture), and Translink Capital. For more information, visit www.diamanti.com or follow @DiamantiCom.


1 451 Research, The State of the Application Container Market, https://451research.com/the-state-of-the-application-container-market