Western Sierra Resource Corporation Introduces Breakthrough Technology Applications Developed by its Energy Conservation Division -- Mystere Power Group, LLC (MPG)

Introducing MPG’s “Energy Tree”

Edmond, Oklahoma, UNITED STATES

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WESTERN SIERRA RESOURCE COPORATION (“WSRC” or the “Company”) (OTC: WSRC). Since the Company’s announcement of its acquisition of MPG on September 15, 2020, MPG’s founder and WSRC director, Ken Pearson, has advised WSRC on MPG’s plan to transform the HVAC (air-conditioning) retrofit program with its estimated 40-45% power reduction per ton of cooling. Acting on the advice of MPG’s senior scientist, John Scarbrough, the retrofit HVAC program will add an integrated solid oxide fuel cell with a patent pending high efficiency waste heat engine-generator. Collectively, the Energy Tree (consisting of the HVAC retrofit, combined with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, and Waste Heat Exchange Engine Generator) expects to deliver an elevated thermal efficiency near 70%. The initial intended markets are:

Facility Application: The Energy Tree can be installed in targeted commercial and industrial facilities to secure up to a 40-50% reduction in the client’s utility electric bill. Using a customized financial plan, the system can be installed with little or no upfront cost to MPG’s clients.

Launch Client: One of the nation’s largest Data Center operations has stated its plan to use the Energy Tree as its backup power system and retire their diesel generators and stored diesel fuel. Energy Tree power will be phased in where the spread in electric power costs and natural gas exceed MPG’s suggested benchmark figure. CO2 will be sequestered and sold as a by-product to deliver a de-facto green hydrogen system, eligible for numerous incentives, including Carbon credits, Carbon sequestration credits and the Federal ITC.

Mobility Application: The mobility version uses core Energy Tree components that the Company intends to incorporate in a truck-bus-marine powertrain conversion from diesel to all-electric. Hydrogen, propane and natural gas are the clean fuels of choice to replace the diesel engine’s toxic emissions. This conversion will transform the operating economics with a projected 30% ROI and a direct operating cost reduction of up to 60% per mile. Trucks from class-2 through class-8 will use a standard module, with one to four modules covering power from 200-500 hp and torque from 450 through to 1,200 ft lbs.

IP: Three patents are scheduled to be filed and the systems assembled and tested by mid-May, 2021.

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