Difficult Workplace Conversations Transformed With the Launch of I Need to Fxxing Talk to You! Book

CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ken Cameron of Corporate Culture Shift and Russell Stratton of Bluegem Learning announce the release of their new book, I Need to Fxxxing Talk to You! The Art of Navigating Difficult Workplace Conversations. The book, published by Bluegem Learning, is available on www.amazon.ca, www.shelflifebooks.ca and at www.owlsnestbooks.com.

In I Need to FXXXing Talk to You!, this practical guide helps managers and supervisors prepare and successfully navigate difficult workplace conversations they have been avoiding with their employees, co-workers, or even their boss. This book couldn’t have come at a better time with the new challenges presented due to the pandemic and the need for employees to work remotely some or all of the time. Stratton explains, “It’s been eleven months since we have shifted to work teams operating remotely. If you have employees still unable to adapt to this new work arrangement or have performance issues you need to address, don’t put off these conversations any longer, waiting for life to ‘get back to normal’. This only exacerbates the pressures companies are already under.” This book supports Cameron and Stratton’s “start/stop forum theater for business” methodology, where their face to face and online workshops use live actors, like alumni Andrew Phung, from CBC’s Kim’s Convenience, to create real life simulations for their participants. With valuable and engaging insight and the perfect delivery that is both thoughtful and humorous, Cameron and Stratton provide straightforward skills that can be implemented immediately. Cameron mentions, “In writing this book, it was important that we used both character dialogue and interactive worksheets, to simulate the workplace experience. This helps outline the real obstacles that arise when having these challenging conversations.”

With this book, users will: 

  • Understand how to separate the individual from their behaviour.
  • Identify four categories of behaviour, each requiring a different approach.
  • Implement a powerful and effective framework called the B.E.E.F. Model.

The tools learned in this book will help deal with workplace issues that are causing frustration, underlying tension, and interfering with productivity. As Phung states, “Sometimes conversations suck, but you need to have them, and this book lays out how. Russell and Ken have put together and road-tested simple, up-front, and thoughtful approaches to awkward and difficult workplace conversations."

For more information about the authors, this book, and their experiential learning workshops, visit www.ineedtof-ingtalktoyou.com

About The Authors
Ken Cameron is one of Canada’s most successful playwrights turned businessman. He uses his creative background when facilitating and training, drawing out all participants, especially the most introverted who rarely have the opportunity to share their thoughts.

Russell Stratton is an internationally certified trainer, leadership coach and conference speaker with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. He provides leaders with a practical toolkit for building engagement and improving individual and team performance.

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Russell Stratton
Bluegem Learning
Phone: 1.403.466.8021
Email: russell@bluegemlearning.com
Web:   www.bluegemlearning.com