Ouriginal Welcomes SIMON As A New Partner To Provide Academic Integrity Solutions To Its Growing Education Community

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STOCKHOLM/BALLARAT, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ouriginal welcomes SIMON as a new partner


Seamless integration of similarity detection capabilities within the SIMON environment safeguards organization’s integrity while freeing up educators’ time to focus on their students’ needs

Ouriginal, Europe’s leading provider of text-matching solutions for plagiarism prevention and text-similarity detection, welcomes SIMON, the provider of a well-known learning and school management solution from Australia, as a new partner. Through this partnership, schools across Australia will now be able to seamlessly integrate plagiarism prevention into their normal work routine by checking every submitted document for similarities. This will increase the level of fair and equal education standards at each educational organization that uses SIMON, while ensuring that every student gets the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Critical Thinking and Original Writing Need A Fair Foundation To Grow On 

SIMON built its learning and school management solution with the needs of teachers, parents, and students in mind: Reducing the administrative burden of classroom teachers and school administration to get more time for educating each individual student in ‘hard skills’ like mathematics, geography, English, etc. – but also ‘soft skills’ like right moral behavior and integrity. This right moral behavior is an important asset for students’ future because students that try to cheat their way through school don’t really learn how to think critically and put these thoughts down in a written way.

“Checking students’ assignments for similarities has become almost normative for schools nowadays. With the always-growing online temptations of taking a short-cut by copy/pasting content, we need to ensure that students do get their chance to learn how to learn,” says Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal. “By implementing Ouriginal solutions into the SIMON workflow, teachers will now be able to ensure that their students will stay curious to learn more out of their own initiative.”

“Schools of all sizes lend their voice to ensure that what is being built for schools is being driven by schools. In providing the very best integrated tools to meet the growing needs of modern schools, the modular interconnectivity that SIMON brings together allows seamless workflows for all aspects of your school.” says Kevin T. Brodie, SIMON General Manager.

“With the goal of seeking advantageous integrations for the benefit of the SIMON Community, we have long sought out viable partnerships for originality checking and are proud to announce this exciting partnership with Ouriginal. This unique partnership allows for single-click activation inside SIMON, allowing teachers to utilise Ouriginal’s complete originality checking as a dynamic tool to both foster student learning practices and provide an award-winning alternative to time-consuming manual checks.”

If you are interested in learning more about this partnership, please reach out to press@ouriginal.com

More information on Ouriginal can also be found at: www.ouriginal.com.


Being much more than just a Learning Management System - now is the time to share the future with SIMON, the trusted and committed team providing the very best integrated tools to meet the growing needs of modern schools. Regardless of whether a school has 30 enrolments and situated in a rural community, or is embedded close to a capital city’s CBD with over 3,000 enrolments of diverse ethnicities –the actual ability to incorporate SIMON is the same. SIMON brings together the disparate procedures often associated with disconnected isolated single-role software solutions. SIMON empowers the school to cohesively make sense of their own unique landscape of administrative and academic processes –using SIMON as a vehicle towards simple functionality and rewarding workflows to produce valuable content that wholly supports both teacher, student and the wider community.

For more information regarding the SIMON Learning And School Management Solution, please visit www.simonschools.net.  

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