Magnetic Filters Power Production System Maintenance Protection Product Launched

Vento Global launched an update to its life-extending maintenance products for power production companies. The aim is to help clients extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Karlovačka CROATIA

Karlovac, Croatia, Feb. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vento Global, a company specializing in providing solutions that minimize costs, extend equipment lifetime, and reduce the carbon footprint, has launched an update to its line of maintenance systems for power production companies.

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The newly announced launch aims to help companies improve the usage of resources and assets by applying new and innovative technologies that bring about positive change.

Vento Global aims to offer innovative solutions that help clients meet high sustainability standards while still remaining profitable and ensuring a safe work environment. The company believes in the improvement of efficiency in maintenance and extending the lifetime of already installed equipment.

The patented OEI magnetic filter elements are effective predictive maintenance tools. Clients can use them for condition monitoring by inspecting the extracted filter elements to determine the varying quantities of contamination. Abnormally high amounts of contamination indicate component failure. The composition of contamination can be analyzed to determine which components are failing.

The magnetic filters are designed to attract ferrous and non-ferrous wear particles with up to 95+% efficiency. Due to their radial magnetic field design, the filters are able to offer substantial holding strength and high dirt holding capacity. Clients can lease the product for 6 months before committing to a purchase. The magnetic filters work for gearboxes, hydraulics, pumps, other rotational equipment, refineries, pipelines, and water systems.

The latest launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing solutions that achieve rapid payback, equipment lifetime extension, production cost reduction, and safety and environment improvements.

Vento Global is a Croatia-based company founded by Miroslav Gojak. Vento Global is the authorized distributor of One Eye Industries and Black Power Solutions products for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Clients can find out more at

The founder of the company, Miroslav Gojak, said: “Technologies that are Innovative, simple, effective, reliable, and applicable are the only ones that are acceptable to me. My strong belief that this approach can overcome the significant challenges of the upcoming crisis and creating a sustainable economy, acceptable from both economic and ecological aspects.”

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