God Guides Cajun Grandmother to a Life Well-Lived

“Lessons from a Fig Tree: Memories and Meditations from a Cajun Grandmother” by Susan Dupré LaHaye helps guide others in their journey through life with God

Scott, La., Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Lessons from a Fig Tree: Memories and Meditations from a Cajun Grandmother” by Susan Dupré LaHaye compiles seven decades' worth of collected prayers, poems, words of wisdom, and personal spiritual explorations in a heartfelt expression of a long life well-lived. In this charming memoir, LaHaye recounts the stories of her Catholic, Cajun family’s rural roots, and the memories born from music and meals cooked in pots larger than life.

LaHaye, a devoted Catholic, chronicles her heart-warming memories as she walks with God through her journey of life. Through her writing, LaHaye reveals various moments of her spiritual journey that she later reflected on with a sense of gratitude. She hopes by sharing her journey and her walk with faith, she can help others reflect on their lives with God with a sense of hope and self-reflection that guides readers to lasting, positive personal development.

“Christ moves most powerfully through people, through the individuals who make a mark on our lives that last long after they are gone,” LaHaye said.

“I always admired you and loved you as my teacher. I was captivated by your smile and your cheerfulness. To this day having you as one of my teachers is a good memory that I will not forget. I just started reading [Lessons from a Fig Tree] and I can tell that your smile and cheerful nature were as honest as I believed they were so many years ago. The proof of that is here in this book. I wasn't wrong about you at all,” a former student of LaHaye’s wrote about the book.

In this time of need for connection with others, and with God, that COVID-19 has prompted, readers will find comfort in LaHaye’s story as she depicts how love and a life’s worth of memories can live on through God. Written with Louisianans, Cajuns, Catholics, and the elderly in mind, readers of all types will be overwhelmed with joy and relief after reading LaHaye’s journey to a wholesome life.

“Lessons from a Fig Tree: Memories and Meditations from a Cajun Grandmother”

By Susan Dupré LaHaye

ISBN: 9781489729361 (softcover); 9781489729354 (hardcover); 9781489729378 (electronic)

Available at the LifeRich Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Susan Dupré LaHaye is a devoted Catholic, mother of five, and grandmother of 17. She received her bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in professional counseling from Louisiana State University, as well as a doctorate in pastoral counseling. Spending over 20 years as a teacher, she shaped young minds in English and religion and enjoyed her work every day. After she retired in 1982, LaHaye continued her work in the community as a counselor, swim instructor, and spiritual director. LaHaye currently resides in Scott, La., with her loving husband, Wayne.

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