What Is Spotify Playlist Submission And How Does Spotify Playlist Placements Work ? Learn How To Submit Music To Spotify Playlists Directly. Spotify Playlist Submission And Placements Guide For Organic And Free Music Promotion By Bestsellermarket.com

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NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ever since the emergence of music streaming and its acceptance by music lovers, things have completely changed in the music industry. Spotify Playlist Placements and Submission is the new organic promotion method in which musicians can get their music heard by millions of listeners and increase their royalty payment. Regardless of how talented a musician is, he/she must follow the Spotify Playlist Placements method else they might not be heard neither will the musician enjoy any Spotify Playlist Placement.


What Is Spotify Playlist Submission And Spotify Playlist Placement For Music Promotion ?
Spotify playlist submission for Spotify Playlist Placement is a process where musicians research playlist curators in their genre, get their verified contacts/ Spotify Playlist Placement websites and submit their music to these playlist curators. Before Spotify Playlist Placement submission, the musician must ensure that the playlist curator has real listeners so they wont risk getting their songs deleted by Spotify due to fake bot plays. The musician must also ensure that they have the latest contact method of playlist curators for Spotify Playlist Placements else they will not get any response. They must also ensure that their Spotify playlist placement and submission pitch wont contain spam trapped words else their Spotify playlist submission and placement pitch will be marked as spam by email service providers thus reducing the ability to enjoy Spotify playlist placements

How Do You Submit Your Music To Editorial Spotify Playlists Curators For Spotify Playlist Placement?
For editorial playlist curators, you will have to submit your music via Spotify for artist platform for Spotify playlist placements. The playlist placement submission should be done preferably at least 2 weeks to the track release date. The Spotify playlist submission must be accompanied by a powerful pitch which should give the Spotify playlist curators enough reasons why your music should be added to their Spotify playlist. It is important to have a good number of Spotify monthly listeners to increase your chance of getting added to an editorial playlist (see bestsellermarket.com organic monthly listeners service). After submission, you should also contact these playlist curators directly via email to let them know that you have submitted your music to them via Spotify for artistes for Spotify playlist placement. You can get the latest verified editorial Spotify playlist curators personal email addresses at https://www.bestsellermarket.com/products/curators

How To Submit Your Music To Independent Spotify Playlists Curators For Spotify Playlist Placement?
For a successful Spotify playlist submission for playlist placement, you can submit your track link via the Spotify playlist curator’s website or via email submission. but bestsellermarket.com recommends submitting via their personal or official email address so as to create a long term relationship with Spotify playlist curators.
You must also realize that most Spotify playlist curators curate playlist for multiple genres and their definition of genre might not be the same as your definition so we recommend you submit to as many Spotify playlist curators you can so as to increase your chance of multiple Spotify playlist placements.

How Does Bestsellermarket Spotify Playlist Placements Service Work And Why Do They Have The Highest Spotify Playlist Placement Rate In The Music Industry?
Bestsellermarket knows that Spotify playlist curators prefer to talk to musicians directly instead of 3rd party recommendations so we pitch and submit your music as if you are contacting them yourself and when the Spotify playlist curators reply your submission, the reply goes straight to your personal email so you can have a long-term relationship with Spotify playlist curators for Spotify playlist placements. This method is the most effective method musicians can use to gain Spotify playlist placements as it solves the biggest problem Spotify artists face which is their inability to find the personal email addresses of Spotify playlist curators for Spotify Playlist Placements. bestsellermarket.com have covered the whole world and there is no relevant playlist curator in the world that won’t receive our submission in their focused inbox plus we have deleted curators with fake listeners from our list so as to ensure that every campaign is successful. Our success rate is far higher than playlist push and submit hub put together. With this advanced method, you would not need to keep coming back to us everything you release a new song as one campaign is all you need.




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