TCM Leapfrogs E-commerce Aggregator Gold Rush with “Super Brain” AI Technology

Brings unique ability to maximize wealth creation for investors and online store owners

HERZLIYA PITAUCH, Israel, Feb. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology Commerce Management (TCM) today revealed the company is harnessing the e-commerce aggregator industry’s most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to achieve unmatched predictive value analysis and financial performance of online stores. Using its proprietary Super Brain™ technology, TCM identifies, acquires and optimizes e-commerce businesses, offering the highest empirical probability of maximizing wealth creation and ROI for all stakeholders.

Other e-commerce aggregators rely on online-store sellers pitching them for possible acquisition and value the companies based on “old world” market profit multiples. In contrast, TCM leapfrogs its competitors with a first-mover advantage that allows the company to generate in-depth niche-by-niche predictive valuations and scoop up the market’s gems before others can even start a conversation. TCM achieves this with its proprietary AI models that use big data, ML and Deep Learning (DL) to quickly evaluate trends and opportunities for e-commerce businesses and products, offering the highest certainty of exceptional future performance and profits.

Additionally, while other e-commerce aggregators focus almost exclusively on acquiring Amazon third-party sellers, TCM technology uniquely allows the company to identify acquisition opportunities in both Amazon and off-Amazon stores hosted on platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Magento.

“TCM takes a unique approach to e-commerce aggregation,” said Gabi Bar, co-founder and executive vice president of TCM. “Our Super Brain identifies the best e-commerce sites to acquire and generates a complete in-depth analysis and valuation before each acquisition, giving us and our investors a powerful strategic and financial advantage.”

Once an e-commerce store is identified for acquisition, TCM immediately provides business sellers with precise analyses of their business value to facilitate smooth and fast acquisition transactions, in some cases signing deals within a few days. When acquired, TCM’s Super Brain AI models also suggest potential growth vectors and forecast demand for products, brands and categories. It goes on to provide advanced performance analytics, a fully automated advertising platform, real-time alerts, inventory predictions, and off-Amazon advertising and promotional automated tools. TCM’s comprehensive e-commerce dashboards provide a view into day-to-day operations, automate daily actions and track financial performance with actionable alerts. As a result of TCM’s technology and ecosystem, marginal operating profit for TCM online stores averaged 27 percent in 2020.

“Our values-based business philosophy is also unique,” continued Bar. “We believe that powerful technology, aggressive business practices, leadership belief systems and principled ethics must all co-exist in order to create and sustain the greatest of businesses.”

TCM conducts all its business through its value-driven technological ecosystem. The company applies its proprietary belief system called Lead To Results™ (L2R™) to empower its global staff to achieve maximum outcome for TCM's brands. By applying the company’s technology to acquire, manage and amplify e-commerce businesses, TCM creates wealth for its e-commerce stores, partners, investors and staff. With corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business values, TCM has also created multiple programs that enable youth at risk, as well as people with disabilities and recently those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 economic crises, to share in the abundant prosperity of the e-commerce market.

In a market growing at an annual average rate of 21.6 percent with $5 trillion in online sales forecast for 2021, TCM is ideally positioned with more than 170 employees worldwide and a track record of organic growth since 2016, distinguishing it as a veritable pioneer in this nascent market. In Q4 2020, TCM closed an $18 million round of private funding (pre-IPO) with large institutions and high-net worth individuals participating as well as $10 million in debt to facilitate the acquisition of 10 e-commerce business with eight based in the U.S. The company is currently raising another round of funding and has signed with Canaccord Genuity, an investment banking firm in Australia, to lead an Initial Public Offering later this year.

TCM also recently appointed Spiro Pappas as executive chairperson ahead of the listing. With over 30 years’ international experience in banking and finance, Mr. Pappas just resigned from serving as the chairman of Splitit (ASX: SPT), the first Israeli company to be included in the ASX All Tech Index.

About TCM
Technology Commerce Management (TCM) delivers the e-commerce aggregator industry’s first predictive, AI-driven e-commerce performance optimization. Using a combination of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), TCM identifies, acquires and optimizes e-commerce businesses with the highest empirical probability of maximizing wealth creation and ROI for all stakeholders. Founded in 2016 and based in Israel, TCM now operates e-commerce businesses on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento, Kogen, Catch, Walmart, Wayfair, WooCommerce and more. Learn more about TCM at and follow TCM on LinkedInFacebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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