Logical Clocks Introduces RonDB, the World’s Fastest Database in the Cloud

RonDB provides the best low-latency, high throughput, and high availability database available today.

Stockholm, Sweden, Feb. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Logical Clocks announces the early availability of RonDB, the world’s fastest key-value store with SQL capabilities offered now as a managed service on the cloud. RonDB is also available as an open source platform that can be deployed on-premises. 

“Key-value stores enable easy storage, retrieval, and update of data using simple queries with an unique identifier. They are a critical component of the infrastructure needed to build feature stores, and, in general, real-time applications,” explains Mikael Ronström, Head of Data at Logical Clocks and inventor of NDB Cluster.

RonDB is a distribution of NDB Cluster, which has established a reputation for being the world’s highest performance key-value store, accessible as open source for almost 20 years. With RonDB, Logical Clocks provides the same core technology as NDB, but as a managed platform in the cloud. 

In benchmarks, RonDB has shown:

  • Low latency - the fastest response times; it can respond in 100-200 microseconds on individual requests and in less than a millisecond on batched read requests; it can also perform complex transactions in a highly loaded cluster within 10 milliseconds. 
  • High throughput - scalability capacity to up to hundreds of millions of read or write operations per second.
  • High availability - to be available 99.9999% of the time available, with no more than 30 seconds of downtime per year
  • Large dataset capabilities - individual RonDB data nodes can store up to 16 TBytes of in-memory data and many tens of TBytes of disk data. Given that RonDB clusters can scale up to 144 data nodes, a RonDB cluster can be scaled to store petabytes of data.

“The most advanced and easy-to-use technology currently available, RonDB is ideal for organisations that require a real-time database that can be quickly deployed, handle millions of database operations per second, and be elastically scaled up and down to match the current load, reducing operational costs,” comments Mikael.

With this announcement, Logical Clocks expands its portfolio of cloud-natives services which also includes Hopsworks, the world’s first managed feature store with an end-to-end machine learning (ML) platform used by leading companies in finance, healthcare, entertainment, as well as governmental agencies.

“Based on our experience building Hopsworks with NDB Cluster, we know that RonDB is the key platform for companies looking to introduce a feature store in their ML pipelines. We have built a cutting edge platform and made it accessible as a cloud-native service,” states Mikael.

To read more about RonDB: http://www.logicalclocks.com/blog/rondb-the-worlds-fastest-key-value-store-is-now-in-the-cloud

About Logical Clocks

Logical Clocks was founded by the team that created and continues to drive Hopsworks Feature Store, the world’s first and most complete feature store with an end-to-end machine learning platform. With offices in Stockholm, London and Palo Alto, Logical Clocks aims to simplify the process of refining data into intelligence at scale.

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